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5 Diverse benefits of building a granny flat

building a granny flat

The concept of the granny flat is not new to anyone. However, people have started showing their interest in these home extensions not until recently. One reason for this shift in perception is the promise these flats offer.

People now realize that these spaces are much more useful than the obvious implication of their names. Owing to their diverse benefits there is a massive surge in the demand for granny flats in Todd Devine Homes Melbourne. People are increasingly looking for building granny flats as they can live with their parents and use this space for several other purposes.

Also, these homes are cost-effective and offer incredible convenience that further elevates their value and the value of your property. Here are a few multifaceted benefits of building a granny flat in your backyard.

Stay with your elders.

Granny flats are great alternatives for your loved older ones to live. These provide greater comfort and offer numerous customization options as compared to nursing homes or retirement societies. You can keep your loved ones in your vicinity while maintaining privacy for both. It is a more economical option for the elders and also allows you to give them immediate attention and medical assistance in case of need. It also gives them more confidence as they stay with the people they love and care about the most.

Useful for teenagers

Ironically, granny flats are more used by teenagers than by elderlies. These flats are fully furnished and facilitated homes that can also be customized according to your needs and preferences. Accomplished granny flats are therefore highly useful in providing your growing teens a separate independent place for full-time living. These can also be used by your older children who are trying to save for their first home.

Additional income source

Contradictory to just a simple backyard shed, a granny flat is a fully functional home that is a bit smaller than your main house. It is a complete home that you can rent out and earn extra income in every month. It has everything including a functional kitchen, bathroom, electricity, and internet that allows you to make enough money to make a considerable contribution towards your mortgages or bills.

Option for home office

During the last year’s pandemic, people across the world were forced to work from home. Most of them are still working with the same WFH mode. This can be difficult when you are surrounded by family members, TV noise, and everyday household chaos. It can be distracting and impact your efficiency negatively. A granny flat provides you a separate and peaceful place to establish your workstation. You can also use this space to start a small business.

Option for ultimate entertainment space

Lack of space and disturbance to other family members are the two biggest obstacles in organizing a party at home. A granny flat can solve both of these issues effectively. You can create a fully-loaded entertainment space in your granny flat with a big screen TV, surround sound systems, and comfy couches. You can also connect a granny flat with the outdoor space and use it to organize parties on a bad weather day. It will also allow you to have a blast without disturbing your sleeping kids and neighbors.

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