Essential pointers for pet owners considering home security systems!

pointers for pet owners

Home security is of utmost importance in everyone’s life! But if you have furry friends in your home, the task of managing the same becomes slightly trickier. They tend to destroy this system too frequently for you which of course tax you too much. But aren’t you worried about your pet’s security and wellbeing too? Well, the dilemma is too crucial – You have to protect your pets, but they don’t allow letting that happen! Hallelujah!

Proper measures to secure your security solutions if you have pets at home!

We often find people hesitating to invest in a home security system because of pets who wouldn’t let it stay intact and they lose money quite frequently in installing and reinstalling them. But there’s good news for all you pet owners here! Even though you have the naughtiest pets at home, you can still safeguard your home through excellent security and alarm systems in Auckland, All Round Security provides you with the latest and upgraded security systems which won’t budge easily and provide you with maximum home security. But remember the below listed pointers when installing it to avoid a huge loss just because of your pet’s mischievous actions.

o Keep the sensors at an adult height point — Your pet, even if they try to, can’t jump beyond the adult height! That is why it is extremely wise to place the sensors at least at a 6 feet height above the ground. Your cat and dog won’t be able to catch or bite it and it will stay secure for long.

o Place the sensors away from the pet’s favourite place — Does your pet love to play around the balcony? Or they feel at ease near the stairs? Just remember these are the places where you should ‘not’ place your sensors. Try to place them at locations they don’t frequent — this means, even if the access points are below the 6 feet height, your pet mostly won’t notice the same.

o Consider installing pet barriers — You can find pet barriers and doors and install them in the house easily. These would stop the pets from entering the room where the main switches of the security solutions are placed.

o Get a pet friendly system — The security systems nowadays have advanced a lot! Taking into consideration the growing need of security with pets, you’ll get a variety of security system options which suit best for homes with pets. The cameras and sensors have this animal identification system. You’ll also get a pet friendly motion sensor to keep you informed about their activities in the house. These motion sensors prevent any false alarms that otherwise often ring due to a pet’s weight on the sensors.

A happy home is always the safest one! And keeping the house safe includes preventing any dangers that could happen to your family, including the pets. And home security solutions help you in this difficult task. And with the help of these correct tips to install them considering your pet’s habits and activities, you can relax and stay content that your loved ones are safe and secure in your house!

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