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Dos and Don’ts to Consider While Installing Yard Signs

While Installing Yard Signs

In this digital-friendly world, people wonder how to make their marketing campaigns most effective and unique. Along with online marketing, it is possible in print and advertises too to bring in innovative graphics elements and attractive typography to grab attention.

People into sales, marketing, real estate, home business, and politics now arrest for the effectiveness of hard signs and displays. Further in this article, we will check out some essential do’s in planning yard signs and avoidable don’ts, which you should be careful about.

Do’s and don’ts of yard signs

DO make it attractive and simple

Make the message the shortest possible for quick and easy reading. But making it short does not mean that you have to make it boring. You do not have to make the simple message in black and white, but make sure that you use contrasting colors to distinguish between back and forefronts. However, while printing yard signs make sure that you use colors that people can easily associate with your brand as like your log colors.

DON’T clutter your sign with a large copy

Yard signs are used to target the passerby people who are on the move. So, while thinking of the drivers who pass by the yard signs in their vehicle at 30 miles per hour or faster, you have to be lucky to get them stuck in traffic to read through your entire signage. So, it is very important to consider your spectators’ position in mind and plan your yard sign copy. The text should be easily readable from at least 50 feet away and also should not be more than five to seven words to be digested to the viewers at the first look. Make your ad copy catchy but short of grabbing attention and easy understanding.

DO advertise one single thing at a time

As said above, you have to keep the copy short with something unique to advertise one at a go. For example, if you own a shop, you may put it as “free rotation on purchase” and add your phone number. Similarly, make the copy attention-grabbing for the people to have a second look at your phone number and start dialing. Once you get them to call you, you can discuss the offers in detail, the brands you carry, and a lot more.

Don’t try to print the full address out there

It is a fact that many yard signs specifically advertise the location of a business or an event. May it be a garage sale or an open house, location is a key consideration. However, do not tend to put the full address as people may not be having time to reach through the entire thing. So, you may better consider the sign location (usually kept near to the venue) and use arrows effectively to show directions. You may include the street name if necessary, but not the full address to confuse them.

Take all these dos and don’ts into consideration, which is a good starting point to making a good sign but being very careful about the other facts to make a winning sign.

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