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Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Many Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Is Sitting at a Desk Slowing Killing You?

Americans are spending more hours sitting than ever before. Jobs and leisure activities are becoming primarily sedentary activities, and this is having a negative impact on our overall health. Installing a stand up desk in your office space is an easy and surprisingly comfortable solution that carries with it a number of health benefits.

Installing standing desks in any furnished office space is a great way to encourage people to make small changes to improve their lifestyle. People who regularly work at a stand up desk have also been found to be more focused and more productive than those who work at a regular sitting desk. It will take some time to get used to the feeling of working at a stand up desk, but the health benefits are definitely worth it.

Why Too Much Sitting Is Becoming a Major Problem

In a given day, people spend an average of 50 to 70 percent of their time sitting down. Too much sitting is not good for our health or our waistlines, and researchers have found that exercise alone is not good enough to compensate for the amount of time we spend seated. Spending too much time sitting has been found to lead to major health problems such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and poor circulation. It will also increase the risk of health problems such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. In essence, the number of hours we spend sitting can be a deadly problem.

How a Standing Desk Can Help You

Many people enjoy their lifestyle, and are reluctant to swap their sedentary habits like TV watching or Internet surfing for more healthy habits like walking or biking. A stand up desk offers people a chance to decrease the amount of time they spend sitting without having to make any other change to their lifestyle. Making a stand up desk an important piece of office furniture in the workplace will give people a chance to spend less time sitting down during the day, while still being just as productive as before.

Advantages of Using a Standing Desk

Even an hour spent at a standing desk will have positive health benefits, ranging from less stress on the back to a higher number of calories burned. Less time spent sitting and more time spent standing will increase an individual’s overall health and reduce their risk of serious health problems.

All commercial office spaces should at least offer the option of working at a standing desk. This can be accomplished by having convertible desks that can be used either as a conventional sitting desk or a standing desk. Alternatively, office spaces can install special standing desk stations to be shared by anyone interested in taking advantage of the many benefits to using a standing desk. A stand up desk is a little way to make a big impact on our overall health by reducing the number of hours spent sitting down at a sedentary job.

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