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Easy Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

Increase Testosterone Levels


Testosterone is a type of hormone that is produced in both males and females. It is in charge of sex drive as well as protein processing for strength and development. Testosterone decreases with illness, age, poor nutrition in both women and men though men mostly experience this change.

There are two ways that you can increase testosterone, namely medical or natural methods. The therapeutic approach allows you to visit a doctor to help you normalize hormone levels. However, this method has consequences, and only a doctor should recommend the treatment. Natural ways involve some entirely safe ways that you can use to help increase testosterone.

Here are some ways that can help increase testosterone in men.

Ensure that you sleep well

In the modern way of life, it is hard to get 7-8 hours of sleep in a day, and lack of sleep and exhaustion arising, as a result, causes low libido in men. When one is asleep, most sex hormones are discharged, and lack of enough sleep through the night will make all factors aimed at raising testosterone to be reduced to zero. So, to increase your testosterone, ensure that you at least sleep for seven hours daily.

Take vitamin D

It is vital to understand that the sun does not contain vitamin D. What usually takes place is that when somebody is exposed to sun rays, their body can synthesize vitamin D.

This is an excellent thing if you live in sunny areas of the world. But if you live in places that experience winter most times, you should consider taking Vitamin D supplements to increase your testosterone. According to some research, it is clear that taking vitamin D every day can increase testosterone levels for up to 25%.

Take a balanced diet

To begin the production of hormones, you should ensure that you take a sufficient amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Here are the products that you should include in your diet and their sources to help you increase your level of testosterone.

  • Polyunsaturated fats – you should not only take good fats from animals but from plants as well. Include any types of nuts in your diet. This is because good fats help in the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Proteins – sources include beef, poultry, pork, seafood, eggs, milk, and cheese. For you to increase and maintain a high level of testosterone, your body should be able to maintain the level of zinc. You can use special food additives, but remember that your daily intake should be 11mg.
  • Water – you should ensure that you follow the water balance. Based on your weight, you should at least take 1.5 liters of clean water daily.

Minimize cortisol and stress levels

Research is continuously highlighting the threats of long-term stress, which can raise the level of cortisol hormone. An abnormal increase in cortisol can swiftly reduce testosterone. These two hormones work in such a way that when one goes up, the other one drops.

High cortisol and stress can also increase weight gain, food intake, as well as the storage of toxic body fat around body organs. As a result, these changes can harm your testosterone levels. So, you should try to reduce stressful situations in your life for optimal hormone levels.

Therefore, according to Alpha Wolf Nutrition, you should focus on regular exercise, eating whole foods, good sleep, balanced lifestyle, and laughter so that you can reduce stress and improve your testosterone levels and health.

Ensure that you exercise

It is one of the best ways to avoid most diseases that are lifestyle-related. Interestingly, it can help to improve your testosterone. Some studies have shown that the people who exercise have higher levels of testosterone.

New research in obese males has shown that increased physical exercise was more beneficial than a weight loss diet for rising levels of testosterone. The best way to increase your testosterone is by weight lifting.


According to Alpha Wolf, for men from the age of 25-30, their testosterone levels start to reduce. Therefore, if you are in this age bracket, you should sleep well, exercise, eat a balanced diet, minimize cortisol and stress levels, and take vitamin D to ensure that you optimize testosterone levels. This way, you will live a healthy and improved life.

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