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Dr Matthew Boente – Threats to Mental Health This Year

Threats to Mental Health This Year

The reaction which governments have made to this pandemic have not always been the best but much of that is down to the wide range of risks that exist. The easy decision of course is to shut everything down, keep everyone at home until a vaccine is found, this of course isn’t possible. In fact in doing this we will be causing great damage to the economy and businesses would be forced to close in no time at all. There is however another very real threat which those like Dr Matthew Boente in the medical field have been discussing, and that is mental health. Mental well-being has taken a big hit this year for so many people, and here is how.

Fear of Pandemic

For many people they are fearful of the virus itself, and everything that goes with it. Those who are vulnerable are rightfully scared but there is also a fear which many of us have around being a weapon. The fact that we could carry this virus without knowing and then go on to infect people who are vulnerable, that is certainly something which messes with the mind.

Closed In

Another big factor here is that during the quarantine we have all felt a certain level of being closed in, and this is something which is unnatural and which goes against everything we know. This has certainly hindered a lot of people this year, more so those who don’t have the luxury of space at home. This is a very similar thing which prisoners go through in their first couple of months in a prison, at least however they understand that they have done something to get there.


The television can only stimulate us for so long and as the months have wore on and we have missed out on that level of stimulation which we get every day, it has had a big impact on our mental wellbeing. Think about the things which we would usually see during our day, people watching and viewing the world pass us by, lacking this has a huge impact.


And of course, one of the most devastating things with regards to mental health this year has been the sheer lack of socializing which we have been able to do, turned against each other by a virus. Many have spent such a long time without seeing friends and family and this has a huge impact on our mental strength and mental health in general. This has certainly been the thing that has caused the most profound damage and whilst we have been able to speak on video calls and the like, the reality is that they are just not enough to replace what we have lost.

These are the reasons why we must all be doing as much as we can to take care of our mental health and to take steps to feel happier, more confident, and stronger.

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