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Business Gains

Corporations have a bad reputation when it comes to environmental protection. Often the problem is time and money. The good news is that businesses that put the environment first can actually save on both counts.

Construction mats are a case in point. Once it was determined that these useful items could protect the environment, construction companies were asked to invest in them. Often this was met with resistance. However, these days, companies have discovered that these mats are a worthy investment for the company’s bottom line. Sweetening the deal even further, cross laminated timber (CLT) mats have come on the market, challenging heavier wooden mats and still offering the same level of protection.

So, on the one hand, you have this vital item protecting wetlands, top soil, and natural grasses. On the other hand, you have this item that keeps trucks out of the mud, helps cranes move easily, and gives people a place to walk.

The environmental benefits are remarkable. That’s why companies, such as Spartan Mat, deliver these cross laminated timber mats to some of the most extreme areas on our continent, including southwestern deserts and the arctic tundra.

CLT mats benefit large construction crews that are building the world’s biggest structures in challenging conditions. This may mean building wind turbines in a farmer’s field or building a bridge across a river. It may mean running transmission lines through the countryside or constructing a new power plant.

Whatever the challenge for the construction crew, the bigger challenge is to accomplish the goal and still protect the environment. Even brief travel starts to erode topsoil. Dirty tires accidentally transport organisms from city roads into the forest. Tracked vehicles become mired in mud. Damaged land and poisoned wetlands cannot be restored to their pristine state.

CLT access mats bear the brunt of a construction crew’s challenge. Cross laminated timber products can be laid down to form a portable road, a cushioned surface for heavy machinery, and a place where people can move about without worrying about bogs or mud.

While the mats are protecting the environment, they are also protecting the business bottom line. Every time an expensive machine gets bogged down in mud, time is lost as employees scramble to free it. In a similar way, every time a truck gets stuck, there are people who have to stop what they were doing and come to the rescue.

Each time a bad situation is avoided, the mats are saving time. This keeps the schedule on track. That, in turn, saves the company money.

Interlocking systems keep spilled chemicals from seeping through and contaminating the water or land. Dripping oil from machinery can be seen and cleaned up before it can become an environmental hazard. This reduces the chances that the company will have to pay restitution to restore the property.

CLT mat benefits aren’t limited to construction projects. CLT can be used to provide solid footing for other environmentally-risky activities. This includes oil drilling sites, logging operations, mining camps, and so forth.

Staying on schedule and avoiding an environmental scandal are two things that make bosses, investors, and other stakeholders happy. Businesses really can gain ground when they put the environment first.

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