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7 Smart Uses of Sheds


Sheds are more versatile than most owners of residential and commercial properties think. Their function is not limited to maximising space or storage.

What makes sheds ideal?

You can opt for sheds if you need extra space yet have a limited budget. Constructing a second floor or an extra room in the main area of your property is more costly. After all, you need to ensure that wiring, plumbing, and drainage-wise, the added space is securely connected with the property’s main structure. On the other hand, sheds are separate units that can stand independently. As such, it is easier to customise according to your needs.

Listed below are some of the best ways you can reinvent your shed:

  • Indoor Garden

Sustainability is one of the most sought-after features in most residential properties today. Growing your garden of fruits and vegetables secures your family while helping you save money and time. Tending to your home-grown produce is a great way to stay productive and distance yourself from stressful thoughts.

  • Workshop

Are you someone who loves to tinker around, be resourceful and create something out of scrap materials? Why not build a shed and use it as your own private space to unravel all your bright ideas and build your finest creations? Whether you find delight in creating toys, repairing damaged equipment and gadgets, or conducting various science experiments, a private workshop is perfect for you.

  • Life-sized Timetable

Sometimes, planners and calendars are no longer enough to keep track of all the important dates you need to remember. If your schedule is always fully booked, perhaps you should consider creating a life-sized timetable for your agendas using your shed. While it may sound like an exaggeration at first, the idea is for you to have ample space to map out your timetable and categorise it accordingly. You can create a separate calendar for work-related meetings, and rendezvous meant for your families and friends. You can even create a timetable detailing your personal goals on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

  • Playhouse

Do you have kids at home? Create ample space where they can let their imagination loose and play around in your shed. A separate space for playing minimises accidents and keeps your kids from bumping or knocking over fragile decorations in your home. Additionally, a playhouse gives enough space for your little one’s toys and effectively minimises clutter in your home.

  • Office

A separate area where you can focus on your work and fulfil your daily tasks is ideal if you are easily distracted or prefer solitude while working. You can install a mini pantry for your power snacks and caffeine supply. You can also add compartments to organise your files.

  • Guesthouse

If you have visitors coming over, a guesthouse offers them privacy while they rest and spend the night. Better yet, use the guesthouse as the perfect venue for sleepovers with your closest friends! The extended space helps ensure all your other family members are not disturbed by your late-night shenanigans.

  • Recreational space

Sheds can also be used to create more bonding moments among friends and families. Build your mini brewery or bar where you can chill with your friends. Add a flatscreen television for movie nights, or set up an area for indoor games and board games.

With real estate prices becoming more expensive, making the most out of the extra space you have in your property enables you to cut costs while enhancing efficiency and convenience in your home.

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