Benefits of Essay Writing in School

Benefits of Essay Writing in School

“I’m tired of numerous essay papers! Why should I write an essay in almost every subject?” – Most students can’t understand why they need to spend hours to write essays because they don’t see any connection between essay writing and the skills needed for life. Some prefer to ask expert essay writers “Please do my essay for me” than spend time on learning essay writing rules. Are you the one who questions the benefits of essay writing in school? Then, keep on reading to find out how essay writing can help you to develop the necessary skills for your future life and successful career.

What Is an Essay: A Clear Picture of It

Before we pass to discussing the benefits you’ll get from writing essays in school, let’s define what an essay is. It’s a piece of writing of a rather short volume, which main aim is to express a topic idea in a well-structured form where you need to include an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. An essay paper is a presentation of ideas on various topics, which differ in purposes. The purpose of essay writing depends on the type of essay.

3 Key Advantages of Essay Writing for School Students

Writing an essay is a process that indicates the level of intelligence of each student. With the help of essays, speech develops and vocabulary increases.

  • Firstly, it is important to be able to articulate your thoughts clearly. This is not an easy process, and you need to learn it in advance. Even writers and journalists are trained to write texts, and not everyone manages to write interesting and exciting texts. When writing an essay, it is important to be able to choose the right words, express your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. You should also have a good command of synonyms so that words in the text do not repeat, and the text itself does not look primitive and banal. You learn to engage the reader with your ideas writing eye-catching sentences and attracting the reader with a hooking opening.
  • Secondly, essays help to consolidate the material covered. Indeed, to write the characteristics of the characters or to retell the events you need to read the work and comprehend it. In addition, reading books can significantly improve your literacy. Visual memory will help to remember the rules of punctuation and spelling, which means that the more the student reads, the more literate he/she writes.
  • Thirdly, while writing an essay, the student shows his/her ability to analyze what he/she read and understand the essence. This is very important because a correct understanding of what is written will help to express your attitude, express feelings and your own mood. A correct assessment of events is very important. The student reflects on the characters and actions of the heroes, while at the same time his/her personality is formed.

Learning to think correctly is one of the tasks of the essays. Thus, the student develops his/her own civic position and moral maturity. Writing essays is an art that helps to develop a fruitful imagination, teaches to feel and think deeply. Many teachers assign to write descriptive, narrative, argumentative, and other types of essays. All of them develop creative abilities in a student, making a solid contribution to his/her harmoniously developed personality. The ability to express your thoughts into the verbal form will be useful in adulthood. This ability will help to reveal many talents.

Gain New Skills Every Time You’re Assigned Other Kind of Essay

There are many essay types, among which are a personal essay, a narration, description, persuasion, compare and contrast essay, exposition, etc. Before writing any of the listed essays, you need to make sure you have a clear picture of what goal you pursue. When writing a narrative essay, a student learns to tell a story. Storytelling skills are very useful in our everyday life.

Creating a descriptive essay paper, you’ll learn to describe things in detail. It can be a person’s appearance or character, some interesting event, experience, or situation. Composing descriptive essays you will need to use a lot of adjectives to help the reader see the picture you draw with the words instead of paints.

When the teacher asks to write a compare and contrast essay, he/she wants to teach students to consider two phenomena or objects and find for their similarities and differences. A skill to compare things, their pros and cons are very useful in adulthood. Even when being in a supermarket, a person always needs to make a choice based on comparing the characteristics of goods.

When creating argumentative and persuasive essays, students gain valuable skills in supporting their personal opinion. To write a high-quality argumentative essay paper, it’s necessary to spend much time searching for credible sources with for and against arguments, analyze opinions of scientists and researches and make your conclusion.

As you can see, each type of essay can help you to develop some new skills that will be of use for your future life. That’s why each time you’re assigned to write an essay, you should consider it as a great opportunity to learn something new.

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