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Top Ways to Freshen your Décor


Who doesn’t want their home to look beautiful? But, the fact is that not everyone has the budget or finances to redecorate their home every now and then. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you cannot freshen things up a bit without having to spend a lot of money. Even some small changes can have a rather big impact when you do things right, even if it is showcasing artwork in a different way or moving some furniture around. Here are some simple and easy ways that you can use for having your home look new and fresh in a flash:

Add A Touch of Creativity with Framing

You have a ton of photos that you can use or you can also take new pictures of your pets, kids or even the flowers in the garden and use them for creating a collection of framed prints. Purchase ready-made frames or you can also make them at home, print the photos and then frame them. You can add a touch of creativity by purchasing a random variety of frames in different sizes and shapes or you can also get the same mats or frames for a more polished appearance. You can also incorporate some color in your matting if you like.

Brighten Up the Indoors with The Outdoors

One of the simplest ways of freshening up your home is by adding branches, fresh flowers and even leaves from your own garden. This is fun and also inexpensive. You can find some truly decorative choices when it comes to budding branches or you can also spray-paint the branches and put them in a vase together for a bigger impact. If an organic look is more in line with your style, you can also frame pressed leaves or flowers.

Put Some Life into Your Shades

When you have a home to decorate, you don’t want it to be boring. Even the plain roller shades can be made to look beautiful and interesting if you stencil a design on them, like a monogram. Stencils are available in a huge variety and you can choose a monogram or pattern that appeals to you.

Choose the Paint Wisely

Most experts will tell you that the quickest and easiest way of giving any room in the house a makeover is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. However, you should remember that painting a full room is time consuming and may also come off as a bit daunting. If you are after a quick update, you can simply paint the molding or only the doors. This takes less money and time and is also helpful in adding a focal point in any room, particularly if you use an eye-catching color.

Switch Your Throw Pills

This particular trick can provide you with instant gratification. New colors, sizes and shapes will automatically give any room a different look and it can be accomplished without breaking the bank, as you would if you were to reupholster your furniture.

Rearrange the furniture

Another way of altering the feel and look of a room dramatically is by changing its focal point and flow. But, this certainly doesn’t mean that you have to move everything around. You can just swap a piece of art in one room with a mirror that was in another room or replace the living room chair with the one in the bedroom. These changes may be small, but they can have a great impact that will be immediately noticeable.

Use these simple and easy ways and you will brighten up your home décor without spending copious amounts of money.

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