7 Unique Reasons to Use a Custom-Engineered Metal Building

Use a Custom-Engineered Metal Building

A custom-engineered metal building is a great option for many businesses because of the wide range of possibilities. It can be used for private use, commercial purposes, agricultural uses, and even military applications. In areas where bad weather hits often, a metal building is extremely beneficial. They are hurricane-proof, tornado-proof, and even termite-proof. Most people opt for custom-engineered metal buildings because of the following reasons.

1. Sturdy and Durable

When building a house or other structure, many people are worried about it standing strong against bad weather. Custom-engineered metal buildings are engineered to be much stronger than other building types. They typically have trusses that allow them to withstand extremely high winds. Even in wind-rated zones, these buildings can be built with hurricane ties to make sure they stay untouched by the elements. Also, unlike other materials, they won’t corrode or rust, so the building will last a lifetime.

2. Fewer Building Code Regulations

For people who live in areas where there are strict building code regulations, this is great news. Because metal buildings aren’t considered “real” homes and businesses by many standards, they don’t have to follow certain rules. For example, if it’s on concrete blocks instead of a foundation, then you don’t need to apply for permits or wait on inspections before moving forward with construction. This saves huge amounts of time and hassle when you’re dealing with the city bureaucracy. Plus, because metal buildings are built quickly compared to other materials, you can start using your new commercial space much sooner!

3. Low Maintenance

Unlike other buildings, metal buildings require very little upkeep. Metal won’t warp or rot over time like wood, so there’s no need to use chemicals or engage in risky repairs. You can easily hose it down and clean off the dust with a broom. Also, because they are built strong, there’s no fear of them being destroyed by rodents or bugs.

4. Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

Metal buildings are incredibly energy efficient, so if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, this is a great option. The entire building acts as a barrier against the elements which reduces its heating and cooling costs significantly. They are also eco-friendly because they are fine-tuned to last a lifetime, reducing the need to demolish and rebuild structures frequently.

5. Easy Assembly

Metal buildings come together extremely quickly compared to other structures. They can be built by a few unskilled people in a matter of hours. The engineers at Rimer engineering have been perfecting their metal building system for many years, allowing them to create building blueprints that are easy for anyone to follow.

6. Saves Money

Metal buildings are a great investment because they pay for themselves over time. After years of savings on energy costs, you will have recouped the initial construction fees. Also, if your business expands or you need more office space in the future, those metal buildings can be expanded as well! They’ll save you so much money in repairs and heating costs that it’ll be like your new commercial space was free.

7. Reduced Insurance Rates

Because custom-engineered metal buildings are built to last a lifetime, insurance companies will reduce their rates for owners of such structures. It’s an easy way to save you money in the long run and makes it much easier to budget your construction costs.

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