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7 Effective Tips to Sleep Better at Night

7 Effective Tips to Sleep Better at Night

A recent analysis has shown that sleep is as effective on the overall body as exercise and a healthy diet are. The brain does not function properly as poor sleep leaves negative effects. Studies have also confirmed that poor sleep results in many physical diseases and also puts you at high risk of weight gain.

I met with some people (who go with a quality sleep pattern ) in hospitals in Karachi who are less likely to eat an unhealthy diet and exercise better than those who have a sleep disorder. So, we can say that quality sleep is crucial for overall health.

Many people complain that they cannot fall asleep at night which results in poor sleep. Here, we have come some important sleeping tips that you need to learn for quality sleep.

Avoid the use of devices before one hour to sleep

An analysis says that light exposure during daytime is good for you but not at night time. The use of digital devices has increased over the past few years. We can see how people are crazy about their cell phones. Everyone needs to know that blue light that is emitted by a digital device can result in poor sleep. The use of digital devices at night sends the signal to your mind that it’s still daytime.

Experts have introduced some effective ways to reduce blue light exposure, such as:

Use glasses to block the blue light.

Do not watch TV at night two hours before going to bed.

Install an app that can help to block the blue light of your smartphone.

Go with bright light exposure during the daytime

Circadian rhythm is the natural time-keeping clock in your body. This clock lets your body know when you should sleep and when to stay awake. When the body gets natural sunlight or bright light, it results in a healthy circadian rhythm. Researchers say that it improves sleep quality and leads to long-duration sleep. Daytime exposure also allows you to sleep faster by 83%.

Avoid the intake of caffeine

Around 90% of the US population consumes caffeine every day to stay active and focused. It stimulates the nervous system and makes you active. But what if you take it at night?

Experts say that we should avoid caffeine consumption late in the day as it can interfere with our sleep quality.

Recent research revealed that we should stop drinking coffee and caffeinated drinks after 3-4 pm as it can make you stay awake for up to 5 hours.

Avoid Naps

Short naps during the daytime increase productivity but If you go with irregular naps, it will result in poor sleep at night. Experts believe that only a 30 minutes nap is beneficial for your body as longer naps can leave negative effects on your brain and sleep quality.

Go with melatonin supplements

There is a sleep hormone in your body that sends the message to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Melatonin supplements are popular for the sleep aid as it makes it easier to fall asleep faster. It also leads to sleep quality improvement by 15%.

People who travel a lot can use melatonin to adjust to the new time zone. Intake of such supplements leads to the normal body’s circadian rhythm.

Say no to alcohol

People who drink alcohol should change their habits as drinking late in the day can cause harm to your sleep and hormones. Snoring, sleep apnea, and disrupted sleep patterns are triggered by alcohol. Drinking reduces the nighttime melatonin production that results in disrupted sleep patterns.

Adjust your room environment

The bedroom environment has a lot to do with your sleep patterns, reportedly. You should optimize your room environment based on how the setup is, and other factors, such as noise, furniture settings, temperature, etc. Experts say that a quiet and clean bedroom allows you to have quality sleep.

Final Thought

Doctors in Karachi revealed that comfortable beds and pillows are also crucial for quality sleep. If you want to sleep faster at night, bath your feet in hot water as it improves sleep. Another great thing which you have to do while sleeping is use sleeping masks because it has many benefits that you can read by visiting the site

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