6 Important Reasons to Consider a Career in Accounting

Reasons to Consider a Career in Accounting

If you’re looking to choose a career and feeling overwhelmed by the number of options, you’re far from alone. From meatpacking to banking, landscaping to managing a store, there are so many careers available that having to choose between them can become overwhelming. Some people feel a calling toward a particular profession, but others are left having to weigh their options and make a hesitant choice. If you’re in the latter category, you should seriously consider a career in accounting.

An as accountant, you’ll be in charge of managing money for individuals or businesses. You could audit an organization’s finances to make sure they’re following government regulations, or you could help them prepare their taxes. Whatever specific job you end up having, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of this incredible profession. Here are the top six reasons to become an accountant.

Good Pay

One of the biggest perks of being an accountant is the excellent pay you’re likely to receive. According to one study, the average American accountant earned $71,550 in 2019. While that’s hardly enough to buy a yacht and a vacation home in the Seychelles, it will allow you to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle. You could also make much more than the average with hard work and dedication. Moving up in a reputable firm or starting your own businesses could take your earnings into six figures.

Plenty Of Job Opportunities

We all know that money makes the world go round, and as long as businesses are in operation and people are paying taxes, there will be a demand for accountants. This means that you won’t have to worry about job scarcity in your chosen field. You’ll likely graduate from college with plenty of entry level positions available to you. From there, your hireability will only increase along with your level of experience.

Regional Flexibility

Some jobs, especially those that are dependent on natural resources, force people to live in certain parts of the world. Accountants, on the other hand, are needed anywhere that money circulates. That means you can choose to build your career almost anywhere you could imagine. Most young accountants start at a larger firm in an urban center, but this still gives you plenty of flexibility. Once you’ve gained some experience and built up your resume, you could find work with a smaller firm or private business in a rural or suburban area.

Room For Career Advancement

A career is always more stimulating when you have something to strive for. Stagnation can be suffocating, while aspirations will set you free. In the accounting world, there is always another step forward you could take. Whether you’re a new hire hoping for promotion to full staff or an experienced pro trying to make partner, you’ll always have something to aim for.

Chance To Start Your Own Firm

If you dream of being your own boss, then a career in accounting might be a great option. You’ll have to start working as an employee for a larger firm in order to gain experience and build your reputation. Once you’ve sharpened your teeth as an employee, you can start your firm in the community of your choice. Such a move would give you the chance to run your own business while putting your leadership skills to the test.

Social Networking

Accountants work hard, but they know how to play hard, too. As a young accountant, you’ll be surrounded by colleagues facing the same challenges as you are. You’ll likely bond over stressful projects and the heavy workload, and you’ll eventually become intimate friends.


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