5 Products Made from CNC Machining

5 Products Made from CNC Machining

CNC machines are no longer designated for large industries. Thanks to advanced technology, people use it for their daily activities. It’s amazing what you can do with a CNC machine. You first design a product using a CAD program, and then CNC will create the product from the stock workpiece. Here are products you can make with it.

Phone Covers

Phones cases have become fashionable products. People have more than one phone cover, depending on occasions, weather, or outfit. However, The average phone comes with a maximum of three bodies. The number is not enough to satisfy your need for them. That’s where the CNC machines come into play.

The machine allows you to make customized cases for you and your friends. Have you ever been to a party where almost everyone is using the same phone model? It’s hard to spot yours because they all look alike. Make wooden phone cases with CNC machining and be different. The good thing about it is that you are not limited to the number of ports and your phone’s shape.

Key Holders

Everyone from a junior school kid to a billionaire needs a key holder. The metallic and plastic ones are no longer appearing. People are looking for key holders for class and beauty. You don’t have to walk with yours placed in a pocket for fear that people will laugh at you. CNC machining helps you to make key holders almost out of everything. Most people use wood and metal for these products. The machine allows you to add other essential features, such as a bottle opener.

Guitar and Piano Accessories

People who love guitars will appreciate the ability to make a unique guitar body. Their love and affection for this instrument are immeasurable. If you are a guitarist, you will probably be proud to be unique in the industry. CNC machine enables you to craft a desirable design for your instrument, whether it’s decorated or plain. Your audience deserves a beautiful and unique device. Alternatively, make the cases and sell them to dozens of musicians who are looking for glamorous instruments.

Make several accessories for your piano using a CNC machine. Most of these items seem simple, but they are essential. A piano bench is crucial to any musician. CNC helps you make a customized bench fitted for your purpose. CNC may also be beneficial in creating a music stand and a pedal. Make your music easier by using these instruments.

Gone are the days when people used to rate a song based on melody. The aesthetic aspect of your music is also vital in the modern music industry.


Use a CNC machine to safeguard your money and cards. Most people’s wallets do not leave their pockets. Not because they have any essential things in it, but they don’t want to go through the trauma of being laughed at due to their old and ugly wallets. Men do not realize that their wallets say a lot about them. CNC machining enables you to be creative with your wallet by creating patterns.


Don’t we all love beauty? CNC is an essential tool in helping us define glamour. Make dozens of jewelry using the machine. Wooden or metallic bracelets, rings, necklaces, brooches, and cuff links should not be hard to make using the device. Be creative in what you can wear instead of being comfortable with the regular products.

These are the best products to make with CNC machining. The raw materials used here are easy to find. Define what you wear and how you look by being creative.

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