Everything You Need to Know About the 2021 Tax Season

Know About the 2021 Tax Season

2020 was a hauling year due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, there have been massive changes for the 2021 tax season. The International Revenue Service stated that the nation’s tax would commence on February 12, 2021. This will be a start date for accepting the 2020 tax year return processing. Additionally, there will be extra programming and testing of IRS systems. It is favored by the December 27 changes in the law that permit the second round of Economic Impact Payments accompanied by other benefits. It has been deployed for the smooth running of IRS.

Also, it is vital in ensuring that persons who are eligible for the stimulus money as a Recovery Rebate Credit receive it upon filing 2020 tax returns. People are urged to file their returns electronically as soon as they have the required information. For example, IRS Free File partners and tax software companies. IRS has sought fast mechanisms filing and timely delivery of Economic Impacts Payments as per IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. He claimed that this is one of the most crucial filing years ever in reference to the recent crisis.

Speculations dictate that more than 150 million tax returns will run before April 15, the deadline. Taxpayers who will file electronically with direct deposit will experience no tax return issues. This will be vital in curbing delays that are expected with filing paper returns.

Crucial Information for Seamless Filing

You are required to conform with the updated tax information, such as the latest on Economic Impacts Payments from There is no need to call for clarification as everything has been updated. Respondents who are valid for the stimulus payments should carefully scrutinize Recovery Debate Credit guidelines. A significant proportion of people received the Economic Impact Payments automatically. For anyone who received the maximum amount, their information during filing is unnecessary.

However, those who received a partial or didn’t receive any payments are required to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit after filling their 2020 tax returns. The ideal amount will be examined by tax preparation software, including IRS Free File. Another point of concern is that advanced stimulus payments that were received separately are not taxable. Also, they are not responsible for the reduction of taxpayer’s funds upon filing in 2021.

Crucial Filing Dates

This year offers several dates for an effective filing season. They include:

  • January 15
    Opening of IRS Free File. This allows taxpayers to file their returns using Free File partners. Tax software companies also accept advanced tax filings.
  • January 29
    Raising awareness of valuable tax credits through Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day. Also, the option of prior-year is available.
  • February 12
    The inception of the IRS 2021 tax season, which will involve the processing of individual tax returns, commences.
  • February 22
    This date has been designated for Where’s My Refund tool update for persons claiming EITC and ACTC. It is also known as PATH Act returns.
  • First Week of March
    The tax refunds start stretching to those attesting EITC and ACTC (PATH returns).
  • April 15
    It marks the deadline for filling 2020 tax returns.
  • October 15
    A request deadline for an extension in the 2020 tax returns.

Tax Calendar Year and Date Changes

Last year there were deadline changes that moved the date to July. This was as a result of the delays necessitated by the pandemic. However, there are no alterations expected this year. IRS has done their best to establish adamant mechanisms that will facilitate effective filing. Also, you should note that identity theft is becoming rampant, especially around tax season. You are required to protect your credit to evade such issues.

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