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6 Budget-Friendly Tips For Finding The Perfect Cigar

Tips For Finding The Perfect Cigar

If there is one great pleasure in life, it is smoking a cigar. Whether you do so to celebrate a sports victory, the birth of a new baby, or just to relax at the end of a long day at work, puffing away on a great cigar will make any day seem better. Unfortunately, some of the best cigars can cost a bit, thus breaking your budget. To make sure you find perfect cigars at prices you can afford, here are six budget-friendly tips to keep in mind.

1- Ask Your Friends

Since you like smoking cigars, you probably have some friends who do as well. Like you, they probably don’t have an unlimited cigar budget at their fingertips. By asking your friends about the types of cigars they smoke and where they find the best deals, you should be able to get high-quality cigars at affordable prices.

2- Online Cigar Vendors

In today’s world, online cigar vendors are without a doubt the best places to find budget-friendly cigars that are of good quality. On many cigar sites, you can become a club member and receive emails, newsletters, and other information that will give you access to great deals.

3- One Day Only Specials

On many cigar websites, you can likely find one-day-only specials on various types of cigars. While you may think you will be getting the bottom of the barrel on these sales, the fact is many great cigars are often included in these specials. On most sites, these specials will change each day, and in some cases from hour to hour.

4- Cigar Auction Sites

An option rarely thought of by most cigar smokers, cigar auction sites can yield many fantastic cigars at incredibly low prices. If you are a person who wants to lay in a large supply of cigars, auction sites are the place for you. Usually consisting of vendor overstocks, premium brands of all types of cigars are up for sale, very often at bargain-basement prices so manufacturers can get rid of them as fast as possible.

5- Flea Markets

Yes, your local flea market will almost always have at least one or two vendors who are selling good-quality cigars at cheap prices. If you do stumble upon someone who has some great cigars for sale in these settings, the good thing is that you can stand there and negotiate a selling price. Since this is expected, you should be able to walk away with plenty of cigars and a few more dollars still in your pocket.

6- The Five-Pack Deals

Last but not least, don’t overlook the Five-Pack deals that are often found on cigar websites and in cigar magazines. Though you may be used to buying a box of 20 cigars at a time, these Five-Pack deals can sometimes prove to be a real bargain. For example, should you be craving to smoke a Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothchild, you may be able to find a Five-Pack deal for only $18. When you compare this to paying $90 or more for a box of 20, you’ll start to see just how much money you can save.

By keeping each of these tips in mind, it won’t be long before you’ll be paying incredibly low prices for cigars you never thought you’d be able to afford to smoke.

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