5 Practical gift ideas for a newborn

5 Practical gift ideas for a newborn

The arrival of a baby is a matter of immense joy for the parents, their friends, and relatives. It is an occasion filled with happiness, positivity, and love that calls for a grand celebration. With the excitement you have, you would want to visit with the best possible gift for the baby. Finding an ideal gift is where you are often stuck. It is a tough decision that puts your frenzy on hold for some time.

You can find a wide variety of baby gifts at Personally Picked Melbourne and pick your favorites. It is always a great idea to collect a bunch of items and put them together in an attractive hamper or a basket. Following are a few ideas to help you choose practical gifts for the newborn. These gifts will be useful for the child or parent and will be appreciated more than just a showpiece.

Baby beds and beddings

While parents are always prepared with a bed for their baby, you can add a few things to their bedding stack. Get a portable bed that keeps the baby safe and comfortable as the parents visit their friends and family. You can gift a beautiful ultra-soft blanket to swaddle and cuddle the baby. These things provide liberty to the parents to socialize while keeping the child cozy.

Baby clothing

Babies can never have enough clothes. They are messy and need a change quite frequently. For that reason, a baby clothing set is one of the best options for newborn gifts. You can find plenty of adorable styles and designs in the market. As long as you choose the right fabric, you cannot go wrong with these. Make sure you pick super-soft and natural fabric like cotton. Avoid synthetic clothing as it can be harsh and irritating for the tender baby’s skin.

Bath sets

Baby’s bath products are something that parents will need all the time. It is again a safe yet appreciated choice to gift a new arrival. However, you should make sure that the ingredients are gentle and preferably natural that are suitable for the soft and delicate skin of the child.

Baby carriers or travel kits

The arrival of a newborn should never mean a pause on the outing and travel for the parents. A travel kit for the baby is an encouragement for the parents to take their bundle of joy around the world and enjoy every bit of it. You can create a travel kit easily by collecting diapers, bib, pacifiers, wipes, clothing sets, blankets, etc. You can also gift a baby carrier that allows the parents to carry the baby safe, comfortable, handsfree.

A kit with feeding essentials, toys, and books

Another useful gift can be a collection of feeding essentials. You can include feeding bottles with nipple caps in different sizes. Things like spoons, bottle brushes, etc. can also be a great addition to this kit. You can make this kit more enjoyable by adding things that entertain the child. You can include some toys attractive toys that will keep the baby calm and engaged. Babies also like picture books that allow them to explore the world with pictures and encourage their imaginations.

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