5 Improvements to Make to Your Store Front

5 Improvements to Make to Your Store Front

As a small business owner, your first order of business is to get potential customers in through the door. Having great products and offering fantastic customer service won’t be enough if your store remains empty. And while marketing is an important factor in driving traffic to your business, it’s also important to keep your storefront looking its best.

You can divide your potential customers into two categories. There are those who seek out your store out after having heard about it through your marketing efforts, and then there are those who come in on a whim while walking or driving by. Far too many business owners outlook the importance of people in this second category.

In order to attract passersby, you need your storefront to be appealing. A combination of a sound aesthetic and subtle advertising could be enough to seriously increase traffic in your store. By making these five improvements to your storefront, you should encourage customer flow and boost your profits.

Change The Commercial Door

An old or dingy door is not going to look inviting for people walking along the street. You should want your business’s entryway to be as welcoming as possible. The best way to do this is by replacing your commercial door with something that looks great and works perfectly. If your new door has glass components, you’ll also want to go the extra mile to keep these clean. The last thing you want is for visitors to get a bad impression of your business before they’ve even gotten all the way inside.

Add Direct, Memorable Signage

If local zoning laws allow it, you should consider increasing the total signage around your store’s exterior. While you don’t want the space to look excessively crowded, you’re almost always better off with more signage instead of less. Signs serve to tell people what your business is and what types of products you offer. Make your signs colorful so they attract attention from the street, and use simple, direct language. Don’t get too cute at the expense of being clear. You need everyone passing by to know exactly what you’re business is all about.

Paint The Store’s Exterior

It’s amazing how something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can transform your store’s exterior. Remember, you want your storefront to pop out at people who are passing by on the street. Nothing makes a place stand out like a bit of paint. While you should take the general aesthetics of the area into account, don’t be afraid to go bold when it comes to color. The goal is to make a strong impression without being tacky.

Plant Some Shrubs

A bit of greenery can freshen up the space and make your whole storefront look more appealing. While you don’t want to create too much work for yourself by planting an entire garden, a few shrubs will make your store much easier on the eye. Without plants, your property could look sad and barren. Just a few small purchases will rectify the situation.

Install Lights

Nothing spooks potential customers like a dark, unlit entryway. If your outdoor space isn’t illuminated, some people will think there’s something sketchy going on. Others will wonder if you’re even open. You can solve this problem once and for all by installing some outdoor lights. This simple step will transform your nocturnal curb appeal and make your night shifts much more profitable. You’ll also give your store a better image in the minds of passersby.

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