5 Common Workplace Accidents

5 Common Workplace Accidents

A workplace accident can be a life-altering event. Not only will you have to deal with the pain and suffering from your injury, but you could also miss a lot of time from your job. Not to mention that you may run into legal trouble and have to contact a workers comp attorney to get everything sorted out. The pain and stress that comes from a workplace accident are almost unbearable, so you should do whatever it takes to avoid them. One of the best ways to do this is by learning about the most common types of workplace accidents and understanding how to avoid them. So what types of workplace accidents should you be wary of? Let’s explore the five most common workplace accidents.


One of the more common workplace accidents that people experience are slips and falls. Many different factors could cause slips and falls, which is one of the reasons why they are such a common workplace accident. Usually, wet or icy floors are to blame, creating a slippery surface that is hard to walk on. Alternatively, various debris or even tangled cords could cause a slip and fall. When a person slips, they can land awkwardly, severely injuring their back, arms, or neck. In addition, slips when carrying heavy objects or dangerous equipment can even result in a life-threatening injury. The good thing about slips is they are easily avoidable if you’re careful. Ensure that your workspace is clear and free of hazards, and always look where you’re walking to ensure there are no accidents. It’s a shame that this type of accident is so common since it is very easily preventable.


An extremely painful workplace accident that many people experience are overextension injuries. Overextension injuries are extremely common in work environments because they are caused by common motions such as lifting, carrying, and pushing. Common areas that can be affected by an overextension injury include the elbow, knee, and shoulder. Essentially what happens is one of your joints bends beyond the typical range of motion, causing it to dislocate. This type of injury can cause pain, swelling, and loss of motion. To prevent overextension injuries, ensure that you are not carrying or lifting anything too heavy. In addition, try frequently stretching and strengthening your joints to improve your range of motion and prevent your joints from becoming overextended.

Injuries from Repetition

A workplace accident that you likely haven’t thought of are injuries from repetition. While these may not be as serious or life-threatening as other entries on this list, they can be just as scary. One of the reasons this type of accident is so scary is that it can occur at just about any job, regardless of whether you work construction or a 9 to 5 office job. For example, you may get carpal tunnel from sitting at your computer all day, or you can get tendonitis from an assembly line position. To prevent injuries from repetition, one needs to take proper care of your body. Take frequent breaks and stretch to relieve the stress on your body and joints. In addition, you may need to make ergonomic upgrades to areas such as your desk and chair to take additional stress away from your body.

Falling From Height

Another very common workplace injury are falls from height. In many work areas, ladders are needed to access points that are high up and not easily accessible. Unfortunately, ladders open a job up to accidents, especially when proper safety protocols are not followed. Falling from heights can cause a lot of damage, leading to broken bones, concussions, and even death if you fall from high enough. As a result, workers need to be careful when they are climbing heights. Workers should always ensure that the ladder they are using is sturdy, and they should always have a partner to hold the ladder steady. In addition, workers accessing high heights need to be properly trained and outfitted with the right safety equipment. Falling from heights can be a gruesome and painful injury, so it’s important to take the right steps to avoid this accident.


One of the more dangerous workplace accidents that you can experience is entrapment. Entrapment can be defined as having one of your body parts either stuck or pinned by machinery or a heavy object. This can be extremely dangerous, as worst-case scenarios can result in someone losing one of their limbs or even losing their life. When operating machinery or around any other substance that can cause entrapment, an employee should be able to recognize the danger. To avoid entrapment injuries, employees need to be well educated on safety measures. In addition, they need to take steps to protect themselves, such as avoiding loose clothing items, taking off dangling jewelry, and pulling long hair back. Doing these things will greatly mitigate the risk of entrapment injuries and will make the workplace safer overall.

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