Top Seat Cover Materials for Winter

Seat Cover Materials for Winter

As winter approaches, you have some important decisions to make. You want your vehicle to be ready for the added challenges of the cold months, and you want to increase your comfort level as the snow flies. Just imagine yourself in the cab of your truck, all warm and comfy, perhaps enjoying a hot coffee as the outside temperatures dip below freezing. You owe it to yourself and your passengers to pick out the best car seat covers you can find. These marvels can increase the warmth factor in your ride, as well as imparting some style and cover to the interior. They also protect your original upholstery from beverage spills, dirt, food marks and everything else that happens. You might as well admit it: stuff will happen. You have lots of choices, and you can go all deluxe and get something that you will love for years, or you can go economical and get something that does the trick.

Multiple Material Options

It certainly pays to look over your options when it comes to materials. For something that offers the ultimate in versatility, neoprene seat covers are definitely a leader in that category. Made from the same material as wetsuits, they are tough and waterproof. They fit great as well, and they have a kind of outdoor chic look. A few other options for materials and fitment and their main benefits include the following:

  • Leather seat covers retain or improve the factory look and are easy clean
  • Canvas covers provide toughness, stain resistance and a nice appearance
  • Velour covers come in many color options and provide a soft feel
  • Suede offers a non-fading fabric and double-stitched seams for longevity
  • Custom fit covers are specific to your vehicle and its trim level
  • Universal fit covers are less expensive and serve for a temporary solution

Your selection also includes a number of manufacturers that make a variety of quality seat covers. Names such as Carhartt, Covercraft, Saddleman, Bestop and Aries all make multiple covers. You can please your fancy whatever it is with designs that include mesh seat covers, camo and other patterns as well.

Numerous Winter Accessories

Once you have equipped your ride with the best seat covers, it’s time to turn to other winter enhancements. A tonneau cover with toolbox offers premium winter protection for the bed of your truck. It also keeps things buttoned up so you won’t need to worry about anyone coveting your expensive equipment. There are hundreds of different options when it comes to the ideal cover for your pickup. You can look by price or manufacturer or you can look by functionality, materials, finishes, colors and more. Mud guards and mud flaps also come in handy during the wintertime, as you are more likely to encounter mud even on the pavement, and they also offer protection from snow and ice. It is just another way to prepare your vehicle for the coming cold.

Now is the time to shop for items that make your life a little easier. Winter is just another great season with the right equipment.

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