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4 Benefits of a Cold Therapy Machine for Hip Replacement Recovery

4 Benefits of a Cold Therapy Machine for Hip Replacement Recovery

Cold therapy will become a huge part of your everyday life once you have undergone a hip replacement surgery. Applying cold to a sprained ankle or knee may be easy but it can be uncomfortable and demanding to apply it to the hip area. This is why all the hip replacement recipients are recommended to avail the benefits of cold therapy machines. These machines are specially designed for circulating cold water to the affected area without compromising its cooling. A cold therapy machine works by actively thrusting air through the specialized wraps and simultaneously applying cold water to provide continuous active compression and therapeutic temperature to the injury site.

Here are four benefits of cold therapy machine for hip replacement recovery.

#1 Swelling Control

Swelling is a normal phenomenon after a hip replacement surgery. However, excessive swelling can hinder the healing process and lead to your discomfort. The most common method used to control the swelling is the use of static compression bandages. However, it fails to provide proper comfort during the therapy and may cause uneasiness.

To address this problem, you can use a cold therapy machine for hips replacement recovery. It offers active compression, pumping away the extra fluid that contributes to inflammation and swelling. A cold therapy machine allows you to control the level of compression and vigorously pumping fluids through your body.

#2 Pain Reduction

The main reason to use a cold therapy machine after a hip replacement surgery is that it can provide comfort and pain relief during the recovery process. The pain sometimes becomes unbearable after the surgery and the recovery process becomes even more vulnerable.

A product like Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System can help you ease down the pain without requiring any medication. Applying cold to the affected area decelerates the nerve impulses thereby reducing the pain sensation. A cold therapy machine can provide a long-lasting and deeper cooling effect to the injury site. The consistent temperature will ensure quick and easy recovery.

#3 Faster Healing

The combination of active compression and consistent therapeutic cooling in a cold therapy machine helps quicken the recovery process after the hip replacement surgery. The cooling effect is able to penetrate much deeper into the damaged tissues while lasting longer than the cooling effect offered by your standard ice packs.

Consistent cooling slows down the cellular activity allowing your body to concentrate on the injury, providing an opportunity to heal quickly. The use of active compression allows the cold therapy machine to pump away the extra fluid and unwanted debris from the blood and in return, brings in newly oxygenated blood to encourage healing.

#4 Hands-Free Treatment

When it comes to ice packs and gels, you are bound to hold them in place during the therapy. It is inconvenient and uncomfortable to hold ice packs for a prolonged period. Some of you also use a cloth to wrap the ice pack to the affected area. But it doesn’t guarantee complete coverage nor it offers deeper cooling. It becomes even more problematic when used during hip replacement recovery. This is where a cold therapy machine comes in handy.

You can avail specialized wraps to combine with your cold therapy machine to ensure maximum coverage. The specialized wraps are designed to contour your body so that the therapeutic cooling can penetrate deeper into your tissues and muscles from every angle. With your cold therapy machine, you need to put on the adjustable wrap to the affected area and then adjust the pressure and temperature settings as prescribed. This means you are free to use your hands while the machine does all the work. Hence, it becomes less tiring and exhausting.

How to ice properly after hip replacement surgery?

The health professionals suggest the best way of applying cold therapy in the hip replacement recipients is to raise their leg slightly (using pillows or something more comfortable) and lay with their surgery side up to ice. This not only helps reduce the swelling but also is likely to be the most comfortable position for hip replacement recipients.

NOTE: The methods given below are generic; consult your physician before following them.

  • Once raised, apply ice therapy for 15-20 minutes at a time
  • Using specialized wraps is recommended, as it will keep the cooling intact. Avoid applying ice directly to the skin
  • Repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day. If you think cold therapy has benefitted you with the pain and swelling, you can use it more frequently, but it is recommended to consult it with your concerned doctor

Finding a cold therapy machine may be easier than you think. These machines are designed differently addressing different issues like hip replacement recovery, sprained ankle or joint, etc.

Final Words

It is always recommended to consult a doctor before applying cold therapy to the injured area because an improper application can cause further complications.

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