3 Things You Must Ensure In a Luxury Chauffeuring Business

Luxury Chauffeuring Business

With COVID restrictions being lifted all around the world, global traveling is back up and running again. Soon, tourists, businessmen, and women will get back to their usual routines of traveling all across the world to secure important business deals and clients. That gives you the perfect opportunity to get started with your luxury chauffeuring business.

However, before you get started, here are three things that you need to think about and ensure before starting your luxury chauffeuring business.

#1 The Fleet

A major part of starting a chauffeuring business is selecting cars. On top of that, your choice has to be very specific given that you are aiming for a luxury chauffeuring business. For you, ordinary brands will not be enough. You need to pick from some of the best auto manufacturers in the industry.

Start by picking the types of vehicles first. Ideally, you will need sedans, vans, and coaches. It is always a wise decision to diversify your fleet, which is why you should go for this wide range of options.

For sedans, you can further have three options – business class, first-class, and premium class. The business class will mostly be for handling corporate clients. Mid-size executive cars like the Mercedes E Class, the BMW 5 series, Tesla’s Model, and the Audi A6 are some of the more popular choices in this category.

First-class cars can be for VIPs where you can have cars like Mercedes Benz S Class, BMW 7 Series, and the Audi A8. You can also have SUVs here like the Range Rover Sport, and the Porsche Cayenne.

Premium class cars will mostly be for special occasions or to receive extra special VIP guests. For that, you can have cars from Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes’ Maybach.

#2 Preparing Your Chauffeurs

Once you are done setting up the fleet, you then have to hire the best chauffeurs around to drive your luxury cars. To do so, you need to set up a rigorous selection process.

Firstly, the professional drivers you choose must have all the necessary paperwork. Nobody will want to ride in a car chauffeured by someone without a driving license. You should cross-check all the paperwork with the proper authorities if you have any doubts.

Once you have checked their paperwork, you then need to look at their experience. It is always a good option to hire a driver who has experience in driving luxury vehicles and/or for luxury chauffeuring services. In case that option is not always available, you should hire people who have at least three to five years of driving experience. Always check with their previous employers to get a better understanding of the applicants.

Next comes the training phase. Here, all the chauffeurs, irrespective of their experience, need to be trained to meet all your requirements and standards. Not only are they required to know how to drive luxury cars, but they should also know how to deal with minor car problems. Each driver should only drive a specific car or type of car so that they get to know their vehicle better.

The chauffeurs should also be familiar with the roads or areas they drive-in. They should not be completely dependent on GPS navigation.

You must also train them to deal with their customers. Most chauffeuring services provide their drivers with a guidebook on how to deal with clients. You should do the same. Have them sign non-disclosure agreements that forbid them to share information about what their clients are talking about while inside their cars.

#3 A Proper Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the best way to introduce your business to the world, and help them understand the services you provide. Apart from online ads, a lot of your marketing efforts should be focused on Facebook and Instagram. In most cases, you will be using visuals and descriptions of your cars, the locations you are active in, and how well-trained the staff is.

Given that a huge chunk of your clients will be from the corporate field, you should also focus your marketing campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn.

One thing about luxury products or services is that people consider them to be too expensive. You cannot have people think the same for your chauffeuring service. So to show them that you offer affordable prices, and people can approach you comfortably, you should work with travel bloggers and influencers. They can help you connect with that particular customer group, and get you much younger clients who may not be from the corporate sector.

Keeping all this in mind will help you start and grow your luxury chauffeuring business. You might have to start small, but there are many opportunities to grow and expand your operations.

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