4 Options to Transport Your Motorcycle


If you have tried to transport your motorcycle before, you understand that it is not simple. Perhaps you are moving cross-country for greener pastures or alternative employment. Possibly, you found a fantastic deal on a motorbike in a different state, or for adventure, you are attending a motorbike rally, but do not have sufficient time to ride both ways.

No matter the reason for transporting your bike, one thing is clear, how to do it is the riskiest part. Here are four helpful options to help you choose a perfect method to carry your motorcycle.

1. Tow Dolly

Consider using a tow dolly, especially if you do not have a trailer or truck to depend on. It is an undervalued option to transport your motorbike and is very easy to carry with the proper equipment.

What’s more, it comprises robust metal assemblage, which attaches to a car hitch. Also, it joins to the front of a bike tire and fortifies it to a car’s back. Therefore, leaving the behind tire on the road and allowing your vehicle not to carry the entire load of the bike.

Most individuals are cynical about this option because they assume it is not secure. In reality, it is pretty safe when the tow dolly is connected to the motorbike properly. Use tow straps to make sure it’s safe. Besides, you can use your car; it is not a must you have a truck or heavy SUV to transport your motorbike using this option.

2. Motorcycle Carrier

If you do not want to half your motorbike being trolled while you haul it but want an inventive and space spacing method to transport your motorbike, a motorcycle carrier is a perfect option.

Motorcycle carriers are devices that attach to the hitch of an SUV or truck. They are ramps where motorbikes are placed on top to tow them sideways on the back of the truck. They are easy to use and have proved great methods to transport motorcycles.

One fantastic thing about this method is since it is sidelong against the back of the vehicle, the safeguards are not much compared to hauling a tow dolly behind you. Indeed, you have to be careful with how you drive while your motorcycle is on the back.

3. Motorcycle Shipping

If you want to haul your motorbike in an option that does not mean much sweat on your side, shipping a motorbike is entirely possible. Although this way is quite expensive, it is a secure and efficient way to transport your bike.

If you opt for this method, choosing a cheap motorcycle shipping company so long as you do not compromise the service quality to save money. Go to a company that is trustworthy and will handle your motorbike with care.

A reputable and well-known company executes a perfect job in ensuring your bike is safe and secure throughout the shipping process.

4. Trailer

Also, this option may appear like a simple method to tow your motorcycle, but they are many kinds of trailers that people dislike using because they assume they are not motorbiking trailers. A big trailer to fit a motorbike is a perfect option and will do excellent transporting it even when it’s meant for something different.

You can easily attach the trailer at the back of an SUV or trailer with a hitch. It needs some expertise to tow a trailer; therefore, prepare to be trained before you opt to drive your SUV with a trailer.

Measure both the trailer and the motorcycle to make sure the bike fits in. Always remember to attach the motorbike to the trailer while using four tow straps. Also, it is an excellent idea to have some tire pouches and immobile chocks to ensure the motorcycle does not move back and forth.

Final Thought

The cheapest option to transport your motorcycle is using devices you already have and do not need to hire. This comprises using a trailer, motorcycle carrier, tow dolly, and motorbike shipping company. Hauling a bike will be pretty pricey due to the gas mileage you will get while towing.

No matter your expertise with motorbikes, there are few options to transport them. Therefore, the above information will help you get the motorcycle to your preferred destination.

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