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3 Reasons to Shop with Companies Certified by US Hemp Authority

Hemp Authority

Hemp products have become popular overtime in the US. There’s a lot of misinformation about hemp, but this post will help you understand what it is – and why you should buy products made from hemp certified by the US Hemp Authority.

1) It’s Eco-Friendly

Hemp is one of the most natural and eco-friendly resources on Earth. Hemp grows where other materials won’t, including in harsh climates like the tundra. It takes far less energy to grow than cotton or wood fibers, which are commonly used for products. It also requires no pesticides to grow, has a very short growing season (usually just 90 days), and hemp stalks are only about an inch thick – so they can be harvested easily without causing damage to the plants around them.

In addition, hemp is naturally pest-resistant. Some ranchers use hemp stalks as cattle feed because they are so healthy and provide all the animal’s nutrients. Hemp also has a deep root system, which helps with water retention and prevents soil erosion.

2) It’s Easy on the Earth

The USA is officially out of space for toxic waste dumps, so we have to find new ways to eliminate toxins that won’t harm humans or animals. Cotton production in the US produces about 5% of our total hazardous waste, including pesticides and herbicides like DDT. It can take up to 700 years for cotton fabric made from regular production methods to decompose – while hemp fabrics usually take 90 days.

The EPA has estimated that if all the toxic waste from US clothing production were removed from landfills, it would create an area of landfill space equivalent to 50 football fields – and the amount of toxic chemicals in our textiles is still climbing. If more people bought hemp products, we could help make a real difference for the health of our planet. By choosing hemp fabrics for their garments, brands can help prevent toxic runoff and contamination of groundwater and streams. Hemp fibers need no pesticides or herbicides, which means they won’t contaminate groundwater supplies with harmful chemicals.

3) It’s Economical

You’ve heard that hemp is so versatile that it can be used to make food, personal care products, building materials, and even medicine. Because the plant grows quickly and has few natural predators, you can use its fibers for something entirely different after just one growing season – instead of letting the plants die off after only a year. Hemp helps farmers get more money out of each acre of land they use, which lowers production costs and makes clothing items much lower.

Because it takes less energy to grow than other fabrics, all things considered (fertilizers, transportation, etc.), you’ll also enjoy a lower carbon footprint by choosing hemp-based products.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the convenience and wide range of hemp products responsibly, be sure that any clothing or products you purchase are made from US-grown certified hemp. The only organization currently certifying products as made from US-grown certified hemp is the United States Hemp Authority. If you want to make sure your hemp products are grown and produced responsibly, buy only from brands with a USHA seal on their packaging. For more information, you can check or contact us on our social media platforms.

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