3 Most Common Reasons That Couples Fight

Couples Fight

Contrary to popular belief, all couples fight – even happy ones. Some might even say that fighting is a normal and healthy part of a relationship. If you agreed all the time on everything, there wouldn’t be any room for both of you to grow.

Part of the fun of being in a relationship with someone else is learning things about yourself through your interactions. Through your arguments, you can find out patterns about yourself, and help your partner learn patterns about themselves too.

If you thought that the things that you fight about are only specific to your relationship, chances are that they are not. Studies show that most arguments that happen between couples are about the same thing. Take a look at some of the most common reasons that most couples fight with each other.

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Once upon a time, equality between two married people was hardly an issue. However, now in today’s society, women demand more balance between genders. In today’s culture, as many as three out of four couples claim that they have arguments demanding more equality in their relationship.

Women expect their partners to help more around the house, while men expect their partners to also be the breadwinners. In order to remedy this problem, it’s important that you give your partner what it is that they are asking for within reason. If your wife is nagging at you to help her with the responsibilities around the house, whether it’s getting the air conditioner serviced, or taking out the trash, is it really worth arguing about?


Although many seem like something trivial to many people, the truth is that money is one of the biggest reasons why couples fight. Money is something that people see as a reflection of your values in life. For some people, money is incredibly important since it can determine your quality of life; for other people, they believe that money is nothing but material wealth, and true happiness lies in other things.

When two people come together and have opposing views about money, it can be explosive. Make sure that you and your partner discuss finances before even considering getting married.


Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to intimacy. One person in the relationship may need more physical touch than the other and, no one is perfectly happy hardly have you contacted. It’s important that you both make adjustments to suit your other partner. I

f you truly love each other, you should be willing to make adjustments for your partner. Not one of you should have to change who you are completely for the other. Meeting halfway is always the way to know, whether it’s about intimacy or housework.

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