Why Your White Plains Personal Injury Attorney Advises Social Media Silence After an Accident

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Having a cell phone when you get into a car accident is helpful. You can receive the needed medical attention swiftly and inform your whereabouts to loved ones. But smartphones also have a dark side. Especially if you are prone to sharing every life detail on social media, it is a problem.

You may get tempted to post a picture of the collision or how badly your car got wrecked. This seemingly harmless step can undermine your claim and reduce your compensation. Hence, White Plains personal injury attorney warn you against posting anything on social media.

In White Plains, you have three years from the day of the accident to file your lawsuit. Lawyers and insurers may be watching your every move and stalking your social media profiles. Even an innocent comment can be misconstrued and ruin the chances of winning the case.

How Can Your Social Media Posts Hurt Your Injury Claim?

Posts on social networks are not legally protected documents, like emails or text messages. They are public statements, and lawyers do not need a warrant to collect them. No matter what anyone says, there is no real privacy on social media.

For instance, you post something on Facebook, making it visible to only a select few. If someone shares it, your post appears on their feed. So, it will be accessible to interested parties combing the internet for some dirt on you.

Contributory Negligence in White Plains

In White Plains, Section 1411 of the Civil Practice Law & Rules applies. If you are partially responsible for the car crash, it implies contributory negligence on your part, and the amount you ought to receive as compensation will be diminished.

You will receive the damage recovery sum minus the amount contributed by your “culpable conduct.” However, it is the other party’s responsibility to prove your liability. So, it makes sense to refrain from making statements that suggest it. Only discuss the case details with your White Plains car accident lawyer.

Things You Should Not Share on Social Media After a Car Accident

Assurances: You may say something like, “I am okay now.” You may assure your family of your safety, but your post may suggest there are no injuries. A lawyer may argue that the collision did not cause bodily damages, even after your vehicle totaled.

Old Images: Even if the photos you upload were taken some months ago, they could go against you. Other party’s legal professionals may assume that since you posted recently and those are the latest pictures.

Extraneous Activities: Certain posts and pictures may cast doubt on your injury. For instance, you seek compensation for long-term back pain. But your Instagram posts show that you visited the “Game On Golf Center” in White Plains. Insurance companies may use them as evidence to suggest that the pain is not severe.

Angry Rants: Do not dump all your angry outbursts on a public platform. You may have some dissatisfaction with the legal system and make rational observations. These can get you into trouble and reduce the chances of recovering funds.

Indication of Fault: Even a simple post like “I wrecked my car” can shift liability onto you. Also, never apologize for the crash, even if it is partially your fault. Such statements can potentially imply guilt.

Crash Scene Photos: You may take pictures of the accident scene, but save them for your lawyer. Don’t share this valuable evidence on Facebook or other sites. Persuasive individuals may skew these pictures to strengthen their stories.

You may unknowingly provide any information that is inconsistent with the story in your case. Eventually, the other party’s attorney may allege that you are lying. So, it is better to stop being active on all platforms for a while. Trust your White Plains personal injury attorney to devise a compelling legal strategy. Get the compensation you rightly deserve.

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