How Can a Knoxville Attorney Help with Child Custody and Visitation after Divorce?

Child Custody and Visitation after Divorce

A divorce involving minor children requires a professional attorney’s legal intervention to establish physical custody and visitation rights. The state of Tennessee has clearly defined child custody laws. In custody matters, a primary residential parent (PRP) is one with whom the child resides for longer than the alternative residential parent (ARP).

In Knoxville, the parent who gets custody of their child is not necessarily the one who has the final decision-making authority. Critical decisions about your children’s education, religious upbringing, and healthcare can either be jointly taken or delegated solely to one parent.

Within this state, even the term, visitation is now legally referred to as “residential time” or “parenting time.” If you are the parent to whom your child is entrusted, you enjoy this particular parenting time. Besides, you are also responsible for assisting your wards with their day-to-day decisions.

The court considers various factors while determining which parent should be granted child custody and visitation rights. At such times, approaching a qualified and experienced Knoxville divorce attorney like to fight your case is in your best interests. Here’s how they help strengthen your case:

Educate You on Relevant Aspects

Child custody is an integral clause in your final divorce decree, and to fight for your rights, you need to know the options before you. When physical custody is given exclusively to one parent, the other may be awarded visitation rights.

There is a legal custody aspect, too, which establishes which parent can make critical decisions that impact their child’s life. Though couples may be keen to share physical and legal custody for their children jointly, mutual consent is often an issue.

The courts evaluate what works best for your child while deciding in whose favor to pass a custody judgment. With a lawyer’s guidance, you can suitably establish how your child will benefit when left under your care, supervision, and decision-making abilities.

Where physical custody is not granted, visitation rights are applicable, which your lawyer can tell you. An attorney can prove your eligibility for unsupervised visitation schedules that frequently allows you quality time with your child.

Draft Full-Proof Parenting Agreements

With the advice of your divorce attorney, it becomes easier to draft a parenting agreement. Such documents must specify time-sharing and decision-making arrangements for divorced parents’ children, leaving no scope for ambiguity.

Setting clear expectations on custody and visitation is vital from the outset, as it reduces conflict between parties concerned. Moreover, the minor child’s future is not left uncertain when each parent’s role is openly defined. Your lawyer also plays the role of a mediator and helps you negotiate essential terms and conditions with the opposite party.

Prepare You for Legal Proceedings

Where an amicable decision regarding child custody is not in sight, you must rely on the ruling of a family court. Temporary orders and procedural matters are discussed during a child custody hearing. Your legal aid presents arguments and shares evidence that can convince the sitting judge to pass a ruling in your favor.

An experienced divorce attorney can prepare you for the questioning you may undergo by walking you through the proceedings in advance. Stating your case with confidence without hurling accusations at your former spouse is best learned from someone who has successfully handled similar situations.

Divorcing parents in Knoxville are mandatorily required to attend a seminar designed exclusively for parenting education. This tutorial equips affected parents to chart out a plan for favorably bringing up children without letting the divorce impact them adversely.

As a distraught parent, you need a professional who can put this overwhelming scenario in perspective and advise you correctly. Consult with a seasoned Knoxville divorce attorney so that you can smoothly navigate what lies ahead. Check here for more information:

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