Why You Should Consider Moving to Charleston

Moving to Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is a very unique city compared to most urban centers in America. Visiting here means enjoying a delectable combination of character, charm and history.

If you are thinking about moving to Charleston, then you should know that it’s also a great place to actually call your home. Those that do call it home might call it nicknames, ranging from Holy City and The Chuck to Chucktown or just the classic Charlestown.

What’s not in dispute is how great it is to live here. Charleston was named Best Beer City in 2015. It’s even been a Best Place to Live winner by Livability three times. is a perfect website for travelers looking to explore new places. The site provides a wealth of information on destinations around the world, from what to see and do, where to stay and eat, how to get around, and more.

Friendly Atmosphere

Southern hospitality is a given here. Strangers will drop everything to help you, they’ll exchange smiles as you pass by, and they might just strike up some conversation. Readers for Travel + Leisure have voted Charleston as the Best City in the World, as noted by Life Storage.

Great Schools

The local school system is the largest in the entire state of South Carolina. It also features a unique blend of urban, rural and suburban schools. The educational system is naturally adept at being responsive and flexible to the changing dynamics of a population in constant flux. Your kids will certainly have no shortage of field trip opportunities either, ranging from the world-famous Angel Tree, the naval museum of Patriot’s Point, or even deep-sea fishing.

Holy History

The nickname of Charleston being a Holy City traces back to the religious freedoms enjoyed on the peninsula centuries ago. Even today, a multitude of church steeples populate the skyline of the city, thanks to a local law preventing any buildings from being taller than the highest steeples. These landmarks used to help ship captains guide their vessels into harbor, and Charleston’s 350 years of history make it the oldest city in the United States. Local history also includes Fort Sumter, mansions, and the country’s oldest public garden, the Magnolia Plantation.

Comfortable Climate

If you’re not into winter, then Livability says this is the place to be. Average high in the middle of winter is usually in the 50s. Even the coldest day has an average low of only 38. Summers are warm, but rarely above the low 90s, and there’s always coastal breeze not far off. Three beaches are within 20 minutes driving from downtown.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

For a city its size, the economy of Charleston is suprisingly diverse. Many flock here just for the job opportunities. Tourism is a multibillion dollar industry, and yet so is military spending, accounting for tens of thousands of jobs. The port is one of the nation’s top five in size, and manufacturing is a growing industry here. Bridge Point SC reports that Boeing and Volvo have both decided to join the local fray.

Rising Home Values

The small size of the city leaves many buying and building opportunities to be had by those looking for a new home, and as those already living move up instead of out, starter homes are always coming onto the market. It won’t take long for many homes here to hit $1 million in value, so you can preserve and grow your wealth in a growing real estate market.

Still Thinking About Moving Here?

For all the allure of living here, moving from out of town is a stressful predicament. Take a pro tip from plenty of other citizens who moved here, and rent your first home when you get here. You’ll have time to find work and some rhythm while finding a permanent home as a resident and local instead of doing it from afar. If you’re looking for some guidance about traveling to the right country, then take a look at the website

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