Why You Must Plan A Boat Wedding In Sydney Harbour

Boat Wedding

Sydney Harbour is one of the most prominent places in Sydney. Residents and visiting tourists from different parts of the world consider it a vibrant aquatic playground. It has over 240 kilometres (150 miles) of uninterrupted shoreline. It has plenty of pristine beaches, scenic gardens, and plenty of lush greeneries. It is also popular for its spectacular cityscape, where the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are located.

Since there are plenty of breathtaking spots in Sydney Harbour, plenty of couples dream of exchanging their vows with these picturesque sceneries in their background. As such, to capture as many splendid views as possible, the couple can opt for a private boat hire in Sydney Harbour and take the wedding party on a memorable cruise along the famous harbour.

Getting married on a boat may not be a traditional choice, but it is becoming a popular option for couples to have a unique wedding. If you are still undecided if you want a boat wedding, here are several reasons why you must push through with this unique event.

No Need To Find Multiple Venues

Conventional weddings need different venues for the ceremony and the reception. But if you do it in a boat, the entire event will happen on board. It means that you no longer have to look for different event places. Thus, you need not worry about the logistics needed for the ceremony and the reception and the additional expense of transferring the wedding party from one place to another.

By going for a boat hire in Sydney Harbour, you can exchange your I do’s in a romantic top-deck ceremony, then take your guests to the second deck during the cocktail hour. To celebrate your union, treat your guests to an elegant sit-down dinner in the boat’s enclosed dining room. It is a convenient way to celebrate with the people close to your hearts.

Take Advantage Of All-Inclusive Packages

If you want a stress-free wedding plan, a boat wedding could be the best option. You can contact a reputable charter boat rental company to inquire about their packages for weddings and other events. These packages may include the boat’s fuel and dock fees, the professional staff to take care of all your needs, other essential wedding elements like the cake, cocktails, and dinner, as well as the decorations.

Some private boat rental companies also offer the services of a personalised wedding coordinator to help you with the entire event planning. These experts can share everything they know about planning a boat wedding. They can even come up with a plan that would suit your budget.


Since you no longer have to rent different venues for each part of your wedding, you can save more money on the venue rental and other expenses. With just one location, you do not need to hire event stylists to decorate the ceremony venue and the reception area.

You can also save money on transportation expenses since you no longer need to send people from one place to another. As a result, you can allocate your wedding funds to other more important stuff like your honeymoon or future home.

Planning a boat wedding could be one of the most exciting times for you and your significant other, but it will become even more memorable if you plan it in Sydney Harbour. You only need to look for the right private boat rental company to help you have a fuss-free event planning to achieve the wedding of your dreams.

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