Why The Virtual Classroom Will Not Take Over The Traditional Class

Virtual Classroom The Future of Distance Education

Virtual classroom

software has been absolutely essential this year in terms of helping education to continue, in fact it has been invaluable. As people have been locked down in their homes they have been able to continue their studies thanks to software which has enabled them to connect by video to their teachers and to their usual classes. Owing to the success of this, many have question whether or not the virtual classroom will become the new normal, whether this will be the future of schooling.

Despite its success however, there is no way that this is going to become the norm, and here is exactly why that is not going to be the case.

Social Interaction

This is a piece of software which has greatly helped us with regards to social interaction, it has given many the chance to see and hear from their friends when they were in the midst of lockdown. Whilst this has of course been great, there is no real replacement of actually spending time with one another, and there is no software, as yet, which is able to recreate this. Humans are social animals and we have to have that level of connection if we are to be successful in our education.

How to Manage Discipline

There are most certainly concerns with regards to how teachers can manage poor discipline with this software. Unfortunately despite the fact that there are cameras on each student, we cannot forget the fact that kids will do just about whatever they can to get away with poor discipline. This is the case in the actual classroom so you can imagine just how much worse this could be with regards to the virtual classroom.

Grouping People Together

There are many software packages which will allow you to set people into groups and to then give them a platform to work on, but this just is not the same as sitting down, sharing ideas on a piece of paper and making plans for how to achieve the group activity.

Time at Home

For many students this time at home has been fine because their parents too have been at home. Under the new normal however we are going to see many more parents who will be back at work and that means that there will be an incredible number of younger students who don’t have anyone to look after them during their day at school. This is yet another reason why we won’t see this takeover the educational landscape.

Whilst it is clear that this is software which has greatly helped, there is no chance that it will be taking over. With this in mind however, we have to recognize the potential of this software in helping people in the future. What we can expect to see therefore is that the virtual classroom software will be used moving forward, perhaps for a day or two per week.

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