Why Smartwatches Are The Now And The Future?


It is undeniable that the era of the smartwatch is here. It’s happening. And no one can stop it. The waning interest towards traditional watches with mechanical movements has been on the horizon for quite some time, and while the quartz movement only made it worse, the need and interest for self-winding watches have seen quite the resurgence. But it still isn’t enough.

It’s a smartwatch world out there today. The rise of smartwatches has been a long time coming as well. With at least a decade before the truly smart smartwatch was launched, it was all about the digital and electronic watches. Today, the best smartwatches are extensions of mobile ecosystems. With iOS and Android as the top two mobile operating systems in the market today, it follows that the top smartwatches are under these ecosystems as well.

So why is it that smartwatches are seeing a rise in market share and interest? Why are smartwatches the best choice when it comes to getting a watch today? The questions are endless, and the watchmaking industry doesn’t have specific answers yet. For most, smartwatches have already reached immortality status, while some don’t care for it just yet.

Smartwatches represent humanity’s advancement.

One of the prevailing themes for this generation is to “move forward, move ahead, while moving steadily”, and this thinking has been applied to a plethora of industries, including technology. The technological advancements in this generation have been immense, with integration as the forefront of every company.

Tech companies want to make everything easier for their consumers – smartphones, laptops, headphones, and smartwatches – they all are made in accordance and with respect to each other in a sense that they basically are extensions of each other. The top smartwatch today, Apple Watch, is basically an extension of the iPhone, but in wearable form.

It delivers what the consumer may have missed on his phone, notifications, messages, calls, etc. A wearable, which means it’s part of the daily drivers for most people, a smartwatch becomes an indispensable part of the consumers’ daily routine. That’s why tech companies like Apple and Google push to get smartwatches that aligns automatically with their smartphones.

While there is still interest in mechanical watches the likes of IWC Pilot, it’s now only for enthusiasts and purists. Fear not: mechanical luxury watches will still be in the market for a very long time as these watches represent one of humanity’s successful craftsmanship, and the luxury watch market is a billion-dollar industry. So there’s no killing it off just yet.

Smartwatches are generally seen as part of the healthy living movement.

healthy living

Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t just a novelty anymore, it’s a way of living. This generation isn’t just committed to making changes to their lifestyle in a short period, they want it permanently and part of their daily lives. Leading a healthy lifestyle means eating healthy, thinking healthy and being healthy.

One of the major attraction that this generation has on smartwatches is the health monitoring features that most, if not all, smartwatches offer. Counting heartbeats, monitoring steps and creating a specialized workout regimen are some of the expected basic attributes that a quality smartwatch should have.

People are getting into the craze of completing their “activity rings” daily, which means they have been moving enough to prevent the long-term side effects of sitting on an eight-hour shift. Some original equipment manufacturer (OEM) smartwatches even offer specialized features on their smartwatches like diving logs, GPS navigation, and hike route monitoring.

Smartwatches: What To Get

So when you’re in the market to get a smartwatch of your own, here are some of our top recommendations. Bear in mind that while some of these picks will work as a standalone, one of the biggest considerations that you need to assess is how it will integrate with your smartphone.

For iPhone users, nothing can beat the latest iteration of the Apple Watch. Now on its fifth series, the latest smartwatch under the tech giant’s mantle features an always-on display, the same chips like the ones in previous generations, but with different case materials for more options. If you’re looking to save, look for the Series 3 or 4 as they’re usually the ones on sale.

For Android users, the Samsung Watch Active 2 is a stunning smartwatch in an excellently featured package. It monitors sleep patterns as well as daily stress and warns you against potential hazardous routes when commuting. It also features an automatic workout detection mode, where the watch instantly knows when you’re doing vigorous physical activity.



Smartwatches are undeniably the watches of the moment, of the modern era, and the future. They are here and they are not going anywhere. So when you want a smartwatch that can last you for quite some time, take the time to research your options.

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