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flower suppliers

When you enjoy a party in an exquisitely decorated location or admire a bouquet in the hands of the bride, beauty is the first thing you pay attention to. And rarely do you have to wonder where it came from. The secret of festive decor from flowers and chic bouquets is a cut flower wholesale. It is important that the flowers are fresh and fragrant, the buds correspond to the general color scheme, and therefore, a careful and clearly planned preparation process is hidden behind each flower on the holiday.

The path from the garden to the party: How do flowers get to florists?

The essential rule for successfully planned wholesale deliveries of flowers and decorative greenery is to leave an application to the flower wholesaler in advance: at least a month before the desired date. This is the only way the wholesaler can guarantee that they will deliver the right varieties of the desired volume on the day indicated by the client. What else remains behind the scenes of wedding or holiday decor made of flowers?

Supply chain

Wholesalers offer a wide range, but to fulfill orders, they must prepare flowers, greenery, and accessories for delivery. Some wholesalers bring flowers from abroad, so they need even more time to process the order. If we consider FiftyFlowers as an example, the wholesaler has their gardens and greenhouses where flowers are grown. Thanks to this, delivery is faster, and the cut flowers remain fresher. Even those flowers that have a short shelf life due to excessive delicacy are sent on time and retain an attractive appearance.


Usually, flower decoration is expensive, but if you order flowers in bulk from gardeners, the price is lower due to the fact that the costs of fuel, transportation, and middlemen’s markups are reduced. Therefore, the price for clients remains attractive and affordable. To find out how much a floral arrangement typically costs, visit this website:

How to find a wholesaler?

Wholesale florists like FiftyFlowers work primarily with party planners, designers, and florists. However, FiftyFlowers is a flower wholesaler that also works with one-time customers. Let’s imagine that you are organizing a large-scale celebration, such as a wedding or anniversary. You need a lot of flowers, so you can also buy flowers in bulk.

You have several options for finding a supplier:

  • Find the nearest flower shop on the map.
  • Search on social networks or ask for advice from familiar florists.
  • Contact FiftyFlowers and leave your order here.

In any case, wholesale cut flower prices will ease the burden on your holiday budget. This is a significant saving, considering how many flowers are actually needed to decorate the locations.

What if you are going to cooperate with a flower wholesaler permanently?

If you want to make incredible bouquets for sale or professionally decorate the premises for parties, you should work with suppliers. This allows you to reduce the cost of the service and remain competitive and earn more. You should take care of a few more details as well:

  • Organize a room with favorable conditions for storing flowers: temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Be aware of seasonal price fluctuations and increased demand before the holidays.
  • Keep the old prices. Of course, prices will change, but you can analyze in which periods price fluctuations occur and prepare for them.

When ordering flowers, focus on the specifics of the variety, not images from Pinterest. When choosing among the options in the catalog, offer the supplier a mood board so that they help to choose the best options according to the desired color palette.

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