When Did Givenchy Cologne Come Out?

Givenchy Cologne

The Givenchy brand has made its mark in the fashion world for decades. Founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, this remains one of the most influential fashion houses globally and is beloved for its collection of fragrances that redefine sophistication, elegance, and femininity.

Givenchy colognes and perfumes provide a liberating shot of vitality. They tell the story of free spirits who are ready to make their own rules and enjoy the rush.

So, when did Givenchy cologne come out?

This is a question most people ask, especially after they discover the endless collection of scents from the brand. Well, Givenchy boasts of launching one stellar collection after another. Read on to learn about their latest line of fragrances for both men and women.

L’Interdit: Men’s And Women’s Fragrances

The first Givenchy perfume was L’Interdit, and it was created in 1957. All points considered, this is the flagship fragrance that represents the true spirit of the brand and serves as an iconic introduction to the plethora of other scents.

This is a fragrance collection that is renowned for being the signature scent of the iconic Audrey Hepburn. The original perfume was a floral aldehydic, just what you needed to feel confident and dressed up even when wearing pajamas. This scent had warm, soft base notes with a delicious strawberry top note.

The L’Interdit was reformulated in 2005, and the new creation is making top sales to date. With the latest fragrance, you will notice less aldehydic and starchy notes. However, the character of the original scent is retained.

The latest L’Interdit collection came out in 2019. Givenchy tinkered with the formulation of the perfume again to give it a nicely done fruity tuberose. While this scent is quite distinct from the original one, and less powdery and aldehydic, it is perfect for contemporary perfume wearers.

What makes the latest L’Interdit stand out is its perfect balance of woody and musky notes. The cherry tuberose is then played up by orange blossom and jasmine with patchouli as the base note, giving the perfume a generally divine scent.

This is a perfect daytime perfume that lasts well and is ideal for those that love floral fragrances with a woody twist. Here you will find details about Givenchy colognes.

Very Irresistible

Over recent years, the Very Irrésistible perfume collections have taken over as the flagship fragrance. It is without debate that the L’Interdit is a classic. However, this new collection speaks better to modern consumers and provides a broader scope of interpretations to choose from.

The Very IrrésistibleEau de Toilette came out in 2003 and aimed at presenting a new version of the rose fragrance. This collection is a fun blend of flowers, berries, and lemon with a slight gourmand tone.

Among the aspects that give the Very Irrésistible an interesting twist is the liquorice that adds a slightly bitter edge to the roses. This makes the perfumes so much more than the usual blend of fruity and floral scents.

The Very IrrésistibleEau de Parfum, on the other hand, is the perfect balance of vanilla with an oriental tone. It has an undeniable gourmand note with a velvety richness, and this makes the fragrance lighter than the Eau de Toilette version.

The Very IrrésistibleL’Intense has crisp, rosy, and fresh top notes, which then pave the way to luscious plum and tart berry scents as the middle notes. This fragrance has more intense and vibrant rose scents and the silky musk.

The Very IrrésistibleL’Eauen Rose is, on the other hand, a milder, warm, and comfortable edition that came out in 2014. It is undoubtedly the rosiest in the collection.

However, it has a mild fragrance because it nicely captures the scent of roses in nature. This perfume has a touch of fruitiness, and it’s not hard to identify the hints of soft blackberries.

The simplicity of the Very IrrésistibleL’Eauen Rose is what makes it my favorite pick. Unlike most fruity-floral perfumes, this one is neither overly thin nor sickly sweet. It perfectly represents the bright and bubbly spirit of Givenchy’s fragrances, but with an excellent balance of notes.

Gentleman Givenchy

Gentleman Givenchy is currently making a buzz for all the right reasons. The original scent was launched in 1975, and the latest reinvention of the collection came out in 2017. With the Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Toilette, you get an entirely new and modernized reinterpretation of the scent.

The new composition announces a woody-Fougere-floral fragrance and is the perfect blend of sweetness and power. First, you get cardamom and pear top notes followed by lavender and iris middle notes. The base notes comprise of patchouli and black vanilla with a leather accord.

The modern details in the Gentleman Givenchy Cologne – Eau De Toilette, Gentleman Givenchy – Eau De Toilette, and Gentleman Givenchy – Eau De Parfum do not overshadow the fact that the fragrance bottle closely resembles the original.

Irrespective of the fragrance interpretation you settle for, you can effortlessly make statements of being the modern, yet timeless Gentleman.

Final Words

There are good reasons why the Givenchy French fashion house has stolen the hearts of millions of people, including the rich and famous. The love for fragrances from this brand remains at fever pitch globally because of their ability to tell your story. Fans of the brand depend on us to provide real-time “when did Givenchy cologne come out” updates.

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