What Is The Best DIY Hair Color?

Best DIY Hair Color

Everyone is staying at home more than ever these days. With all the extra time on our hands, this gives us all the perfect time to become the DIY masters we’ve envisioned.

This is also the case when it comes to hair color. Many people are not able to make salon appointments. Others just want to change it up without spending a fortune. With that being said, what is the best to learn how to color hair at home?

  1. Ingredients

The first thing to consider with any type of color used is what ingredients are in it. You more than likely would not like to have a hair color with a laundry list of harsh ingredients, such as ammonia, parabens, or sulfates. These types of ingredients can dry out your hair and make it brittle. Trust us, nobody wants that to happen.

Another good idea is to see what type of added benefits each brand of color has. For example, many people use oils such as Argan and Avocado to keep hair looking healthy after color. Keratin is also a good ingredient to look for because it replaces the natural kind in our hair when it is broken down by the coloring process.

  1. Look For Coloring Systems

Once you have narrowed down your DIY hair color search by ingredients, it is good idea to see if the brand of color that you want has a system to help you before, during, and after your coloring treatment.

Coloring systems are beneficial to DIY hair colors because it has many of the coloring products you need in one place. Instead of having to spend extra money on conditioners, styling, products, or shampoos they are all there in front of you. Anyone that has colored their hair before can testify that it can be a very expensive process.

  1. What Is A Good Recommendation?

If you still do not know what color treatment system is best for you, let us recommend Madison Reed. This company was started to make dying hair more affordable and more natural, which is two benefits in one.

The best part is that they encourage people to dye their own hair at home!

For those that are unsure about what color is right for them, they have an online consultation with pictures and tips to help you find the perfect color. It is very easy to use and even recommends styling and products based on your hair type.

With all of these benefits you may think that Madison Reed is the most expensive hair product company in the world. In reality, it is a fraction of the price than the other natural hair coloring systems on the market. Many of their hair coloring systems start at $23 which is definitely not a price that will break the bank.

In addition to the prices being affordable, Madison Reed hair color was formulated in Italy with the highest of the European Union’s standards when it comes to natural products. So again, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the hair color you purchase.

We hope these hair coloring tips are simple yet effective when you decide to color your hair. It is not impossible. With the right systems, you will be a DIY hair color pro in no time!

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