What are the various career options after B.Sc Hons?

B.Sc Hons

B.Sc. Hons in Agriculture involves the extensive study program designed to incorporate innovative agricultural science techniques with modern scientific equipment in agriculture. This program aims to improve the productivity of agricultural elements in this domain.

Read on to know about the various career options that can be availed after pursuing B.Sc Hons in agriculture.

Agriculture officer: Agriculture officers are responsible for rural financing and disbursing the loan to the primary sector of the economy that is farmers. They review the agricultural loans as per the guidelines of the banks and promote the portfolio of the bank. Agricultural officers survey the farm to keep an eye on the satisfactory work progress to meet the financial targets and to ensure that the farm is profitable. Agricultural loans are categorized under the priority sector as their management is crucial to every economy worldwide.

Agricultural Research Scientist: The experts in this domain focus on improving the quality of agricultural output by investigating different components of agriculture including soil, plants, animals, farming techniques, food production, and look for ways to improve the efficiency of the agricultural processes. The responsibilities may vary as per the specialization and industry trends.

Agriculture Development Officers: The Agricultural Development Officer is responsible for implementing and evaluating agricultural programs that encompass a wide range of activities such as agribusiness, natural resource management, and the development of agricultural institutions. They provide technical and administrative services for accomplishing the work of unit. They are usually hired on contracts to develop and evaluate agricultural development programs in a stipulated time period. They also provide advice as well as assistance on agricultural development issues by reviewing and analyzing developing strategies, analytical models, and methodologies.

Agriculture Technician: Agricultural technicians work in labs by conducting research and experiments to improve agricultural production. They work in coordination with scientists by analyzing data. They also maintain the laboratory to collect and record data for agricultural science experiments.

Agriculturists: Agriculturists conduct research and analysis in varied subject areas including physiology, breeding, nursery stock, mineralogical composition of the soil, yield, production, control of pests, and others related to the subject. They also classify maps as per the soil type and investigate the effects of alternative practices on agricultural productivity.

Business Development Executive: They oversee the sales process to attract new consumers and coordinate with team members to manage risks. Business development executives address the needs of their clients effectively to deliver pitches for potential investors. They foster a collaborative environment within the organization.

Seed Technologist: Seed technologists conduct seed enhancing trails by incorporating statistical analysis of the data. They develop cost-effective work processes by utilizing all available resources.

It is so important to find a career based on what resonates with you and matches your existing skill-set to let you excel in your dream career. You can explore numerous career opportunities by studying BSC Hons agriculture in diverse subject areas including banks, agri-tech companies, agricultural finance companies, fertilizer companies, research organizations, dairy consultants, commercial farming, and agricultural departments as marketing executives, rice breeders, junior agriculture specialist, junior associate for research and others. So, sign up now.

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