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When people talk about YouTube as a major search engine after Google, it is because viewers watch videos that extend to billions of hours every day. With more than a billion views every day and millions of new videos uploaded algorithm millions of visitors on the site, they are easily a digital force to reckon with. This is possible with the contribution of the audience who consists of people from the age group of 18 years to 65+. Statistics say that nearly 80% of the audiences from 18 years to 49 years. The major chunk of this again broke up and found being the age group of 24-44 years.

Another finding is that mobile viewing increased tremendously. People had the benefit of smartphones with great features and the availability of cheap unlimited data that led to increased viewing time. With the flexibility of connectivity available even when one is traveling, it was seen at an average YouTube video viewing that lasted more than 30 minutes. This when added up among all the users was a substantial amount of time and contributed to the enormous growth of YouTube.

Content creators, therefore, needed to keep in mind a new category of mobile viewers when making new videos. This category also tends to get swayed by the video’s popularity and if they see any content having substantial numbers of likes, then they go ahead and watch it fully. For new creators, it is important to buy YouTube likes to attract more viewers.

Video marketing on YouTube Platform

YouTube is different from other social media. While people use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for social interactions, creating and sharing content, YouTube is more like the video version of blog posts which is more focussed on content marketing. One should therefore approach YouTube for any niche marketing rather than socializing as there is a monetary expectation from the content uploaded on the channel.

  • People search for videos on YouTube if they are looking for something specific. This is not the case with other social media sites where contents are viewed if they throw up as an ad or if someone is following or an engagement from another person.
  • People watch videos on YouTube but do not discuss it here unlike on Facebook or Twitter where they discuss, debate, and tag other people on ant content. It boils to the personal experience of the individual on YouTube and not a social interaction with others.
  • People watch videos on Youtube with a sense of purpose. It could be for entertainment, educational or business purposes. It is more of serious viewing with a particular objective and unlike the aimless scrolling that people do say Facebook.

Both the creator and viewer approach towards YouTube is more content-driven with an objective in mind. This is also the reason for videos to be churned out with quality content unlike random posts on other platforms.

YouTube has constantly evolved since its inception and has made various changes to ensure a seamless viewing experience. Keeping in mind the mobile users, the formats of screens, and other features. Ad contents have been monitored and ensured that borderline contents are kept out. This regulation has affected many whose main purpose is to effectively monetize their channel through ads only. The threshold for monetization is 10000 views which means small businesses face challenges. But since many use the channel for video marketing purposes only, then it is not a problem.

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