Top Gear You Can Find through Dance Shops

Dance Shops

Dance is a major part of Australian culture, ranging from traditional ceremonial dancing to Kylie Minogue videos. Besides learning dance moves, you’ll also need to secure different kinds of gear at a dance shop.

Here are some of the main items you can pick so you’ll be ready from head to foot to perform your well-rehearsed dance routines:


Ballet shoes are probably the first type that pops into people’s minds when they think of dance shoes. However, these are just one option. There are other varieties, including character shoes and jazz boots.

When picking shoes, you should consider different options, like footwear’s colour, size, and style. Size matters because it can help to avoid shoes that feel too snug or roomy. Both situations can make dance moves quite uncomfortable.

Face Masks

Dance masks have been around for quite a while. In fact, the first face masks date back to about 7000 BC when people wore them for ceremonies.

Today, face masks have also become important gear during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they’re critical for dancers to protect themselves and others from the virus.

Wearing face masks while doing dance routines isn’t too comfortable. However, you can find units with soft materials, good airflow, and dance themes. This can help make your dancing as safe as it is artistic.

Track Pants

These are sometimes known as sweat pants, but they’re not entirely the same. The key feature of track pants is they’re made from a light nylon material versus a heavier knit of sweatpants. One key feature of both types of long pants is they feature a baggy style.

Track pants are ideal when you want to create an informal look that provides freedom of movement. They’re great for making dance moves like hip-hop, and the light material also keeps you comfy.


This is an important kind of gear for dance rehearsals, fitness classes, and other functions. You can select from different materials like Lycra, styles like a stirrup, and colours that pair with your costume.

In fact, you might be surprised by the different kinds of dance leggings that are continuously released. You can also pick from a wide range of features like colours and finishes. This helps make ideal costume leggings.

If you want more options, consider items like footless leggings. This makes it easier to wear dance gear for different functions like dance costumes and even fashion wear.

There are other issues to take up, including colour, waistband, and durability. Even legging’s care is important. Many leggings are machine washable, but other treatments like soaking, bleaching, and dry-cleaning might be a no-go.


The variety of dance tops available might be surprising. You can often pick from a wide range of options like leotards, tank tops, and even jackets to complete your dance costume.

Even within the main categories of tops, you have different styles to pick from. For example, different tank styles are available, which you can pick based on your dance costume and overall look and feel you want to create with the top.


When picking dance gear, remember to add some accessories to complete your collection. Caps, sneakers, and duffle bags are some of the many options you have to “accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.”

After putting in countless hours perfecting your dance routines, it’s time to select gear at your favourite dance shop. From leotards to unitards and shorts to pants, your options are as wide-ranging as the number of Australian dance styles.

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