Three Women Who Have Been an Inspiration to the Business World

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In the last two hundred years, women have joined the workforce and progressively made a name for themselves within it. Today, women are setting an example for upholding strong values and are inspirations to companies of all sizes within the business world specifically. Even though people know of some influential women in business such as Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah Winfrey, there are still some that have gone under the radar. Here are three women that serve as an inspiration to the business world.

Sandy Czaczkowski

Sandy Czaczkowski is the owner of North Branch Bakery, located in the town of North Branch, Michigan. Although her town is small, Czaczkowski is a notable inspiration to business owners because of her philanthropic service to her community. It is evident through Czaczkowski’s giving nature that being a business owner is about more than the profits—it’s about community.

A lesson that is taught to the business world through the selfless nature of Sandy Czaczkowski is that putting your heart into serving your community with your business can make all the difference in the long run, both in your community and in your company. People care about businesses with good values, so what better way is there to ensure your company upholds its vision than by leading by example?

Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry is the owner and founder of The Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency. Barry is an inspirational leader in the business world because she is unafraid to face the challenges businesses today face. As a business consultant, she is constantly encountering problems, and it takes a special kind of endurance and bravery to, day after day, dive into those problems and actively be a part of the solution to them. She is a fearless leader in the business consulting world and sets the tone for how businesspeople should approach any task they face.

Joy Hawkins

As the final woman we will discuss, Joy Hawkins is worthy of being mentioned for her inspirational impact in business. Similarly to Sandy Czaczkowski, Joy Hawkins is considered by her coworkers and friends to be a naturally charitable person and is recognized as being dedicated to the well-being of the people around her. People like Hawkins have qualities that are produced as a result of their giving nature that draw people to them. Putting people first is admirable and makes employees, friends, and clients in business feel appreciated, which in turn leads to profitable business.

Hawkins is an example to the business world that actions speak louder than words. Monetary donations are not the only way that businesses can be helping their community. Service projects, food drives, or donating the services of your company are simple ways that your company can be involved in bettering the community that you live in.

These three women have all had an amazing impact on their communities and the business world, not only because they are women holding their own in the field, but because of their outstanding character and achievements through it. The lessons that can be gleaned from the lives and successes of these women are ones that will continue to be relevant both in business and in everyday life.

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