Things You May Not Know About Vasectomies

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Vasectomies are more common among men over age 36 and those with higher education.

There are literally tens of thousands of vasectomies performed each and every year, they are perfectly safe and they help men to become infertile. The reasons behind this are usually that the man and his partner see no need to further procreate and they use this as a birth control option more than anything else. There is a lot of though that needs to go into this decision of course and it is also essential that you have all the knowledge about the procedure before giving the green light to go ahead and get it done.

With this in mind, here are a few things which you may not know about this procedure and what happens afterwards.

Reversal Option

Many men will confidently go int this procedure safe in the knowledge that if things change in the future such as their relationship status, then they can get it reversed. This is true in fact, medicine has the means by which to make a man infertile and then to once again make him fertile, and of course this is great for those men who choose this route. What many fail to understand however is that whilst the original op is just 30minutes long and very easy, the reversal takes around 6 hours and is considered as major surgery.

Not Instant

Another key factor to bear in mind here is that a man is not infertile from the moment that he leaves the clinic. Usually it takes around 6 weeks or 15 ejaculations before all of the sperm is left from the body. You can just imagine the surprise that a man who has recently had a vasectomy would find if he learned that his partner was somehow pregnant. This is key to understand with regards to vasectomies.

Speed of the Procedure

Owing to the new procedures which are used in the vasectomy most patients are in and out again within an hour, treated as an outpatient. The recovery too is very simple indeed and most men get back to their usual lives, pain free, after around a week, and then they can resume sports and more physical activities after 2 weeks if they feel up to it. This is of course an additional bonus to this type of treatment and it is no doubt part of the reason why so man men are happy to have it done.

Sexual Performance

Contrary to what many have said before, a vasectomy will have absolutely no impact on sexual performance. Those who have the procedure completed will have to have a rest with regards to sex for a couple of week, but after that things will get back to normal. There are no cases at all of men facing erectile dysfunction or performance issues following a vasectomy, or at least there are no cases in which the two can be connected.

If this is something that you are considering then be sure to get all of the facts before you dive in.

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