The World On Your Shoulders: An Un-Slouching Guide for Digital Artists


Utah’s educational system has produced some of the movers and shakers of the digital world– from the founder of Adobe to the founder of Pixar. Various digital companies like Disney Interactive Studios and Sandman Studios established their turf in the Beehive State, an act so fitting for the industry that continues to adapt and persevere in the age of technology.

In 2015, Utah’s arts economy was the fastest in terms of growth, according to the National Endowment for the Arts, along with Washington. It shows that every year, more people are creating, more people are earning by utilizing their creative skills. Perfectly so, as the trope of the starving artist has long been debunked. Romanticizing struggles, such as poverty, is degressive.

The numbers imply that more people work long hours, hunched over their desk, eyes locked on the computer screen. The starving artist may be a trope, but the cliche about creatives being absorbed in their work, making them forget about their basic needs is true. Like all industries, digital artists developed their fair share of bad habits.

If you nodded your head while reading the paragraph before this, you’re probably a decision away from buying a lumbar support pillow and calling in a chiropractor in Murray— if you haven’t done both yet.

Here are the other details you might want to incorporate into your life to address your slouched back:


Yoga can improve your posture over time by targeting your chest, back, shoulders, and abdominals. There’s a category in yoga called Heart Openers in which the poses are meant to address your hunched shoulders and back from sitting too long. In addition to its effect on your posture, the chest opening exercises have certain advantages for your emotional wellbeing, such as healing old wounds and opening up to people.

You can subscribe to an app or enroll yourself in a studio. See what works for you.

Work Chair

If there’s one detail to make your day-long sitting a little bearable, it’s a decent work chair. Request for an ergonomic chair that works best for your body type. Purchase one for home, too, if you’re the type who brings work at home. It may be pricier than most chairs, but consider it as an investment in your health. It’s better to pay for a piece of office furniture than to develop bone and joint problems.


Getting up from your work station and walking for a bit is a good technique. While doing so, stretch your aching muscles. Do it every half an hour for a minute or two. Changing your position once in a while will help your muscles relax. Who knows? A new idea might arrive along the way.

Professional Help

If you experience pain frequently, consult a professional to know the state of your physical health. Consider getting massage therapy, view it as your body’s time to relax. Ask them about the exercises you can do at home when sudden pain comes.

Don’t let your work leave a mark on your body.

Work is always difficult. As digital artist or animator, every project appears like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. However, don’t let it show- literally. Stand tall.

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