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At home and away, you need one thing to make your mending dreams come true.

In the modern world, we see a lot of brands urging us to recycle, reduce what we use, and stop throwing things idly away. Years and years of tossing out digital products, throwing away old phones, and generally replacing things that are cracked or slightly faulty when we don’t need to, has really taken its toll on the planet. As such, we all have to start doing our piece to make the world we live on, less intoxicated with plastic.

To this end, we introduce Sugru Mouldable Glue. We passionately believe this is a future-focused product that brings together all the elements contained in the recycling ethos. After all, if you can mend, instead of replacing, an item, then you can save yourself time, money, effort, and save the planet, to boot! Best of all, the handy carry packets Sugru comes in mean that you can use it both on the go, and in the home.

Sugru and Digital Devices

We recently ran into some astonishing figures regarding the amount of E-waste that the world emits in a year. It’s scary how many phones, laptops, old PCs, and other items we throw out, every single day. E-waste is responsible for around 70% of all toxic trash, mostly due to the substances used in liquid screen technologies. The annual output for E-waste (that’s electronic device wastage) is up to 50 million metric tonnes per year globally. That equates to around $60 million in the small amounts of precious metals used to create these devices… and we just throw it away!

With Sugru this waste can be significantly reduced. If you drop a phone and crack the screen, Sugru is strong enough and stable enough to stick that screen back together again and give you a usable phone or tablet once again. It can be moulded and shaped into whichever form you want, meaning it makes a suitable substitute for any hard-to-find plastic computer parts. It can be applied to the edges of devices to ensure they don’t smash in the first place and can even be used to affix scopes to cameras in the event where you are missing a part.

With so many applications in the digital world, Sugru mouldable glue is exactly the kind of thing you should toss into your backpack when you are off travelling. You would be forgiven for thinking that the applications for this clever little product ended there, but they don’t.

Sugru Around the Home

You can use this waterproof glue as a sealant in any of your wet rooms at home. Want to mend a broken nob on your cooker? Sugru can do the job. It can be used to fill cracks in furniture, dents in dashboards, and anywhere you might want to hang a shelf. It sets strong, into a silicon rubber material that is exceptionally durable. This lets you shape it to any form you like, securing any surface or bonding things together where only a waterproof material will do.

So while you need to put some in your backpack when you are travelling, Sugru can be used all over the house, and in your car, to make life that little bit less wasteful. The next time you drop a device, chip your sideboard, or make a dent in a door, remember that Sugru can help. It might even save you a small fortune in the process.

Reduce your E-Waste Output

So how do you reduce your E-waste output? You become more aware of what and how you are disposing of your digital items. Added to this, you employ a little Sugru to be kept in your bag for just the right time. It will help you in no end of ways, and you will be helping the planet at the same time.

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