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Shutter Care and Maintenance Tips

Shutter Care

Your windows play an essential role in your home. They protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. Window shutters serve as an added layer of insulation during the cold months. And most of all, your shutters offer you and your family privacy so the people outside cannot peak into your home. Your shutters also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

However, if your shutters are grimy and dusty with years of dirt accumulation, you’ve got an unsightly problem in your hands. To help maintain their visual aesthetics, as well as the integrity of their materials, these shutters need cleaning and maintenance. Regardless of your shutter type, they need regular care for good hygiene. Doing this also extends the life and durability of your shutters. Consider the following tips below for easy and routine window shutter maintenance.

Do Regular Dusting

Dust mites, unfortunately, do not go away, no matter how hard your vacuum. In order to maintain your shutters, dust once or twice a week. Pay close attention to the slats in between. Use a clean cloth or even an old sock to ensure there will be no scratches. You can also use your trusty vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment to make your job easier.

Use a Damp Cloth

The operative here is damp and not soaking wet. Your interiors must be cleaned once a week with a damp cloth to prevent disgusting build up. Pay close attention to the hinges, as well as the corners of the window shutters’ louvres. If you wish to be extra diligent, you can use an old toothbrush or paintbrush for tight spots. Doing this with a regular schedule means you no longer have to do a frequent deep cleaning.

Pay Attention to Deep Cleaning Materials

Regular dusting will need a soft cloth, regardless of your shutter material. However, if you are going for a deep clean, vinyl, aluminium, faux wood, and wood have different requirements. For example, wood can warp or discolour if you make it wet. Wood shutters need light dusting and a touch of wood-grade furniture polish. Vinyl and faux wood aren’t sensitive so that you can use water and a mild detergent. If you have metal shutters, take note of the metal material because metals can corrode. For best results, check out with your manufacturer to determine that best cleaning solution.

Clean Exterior Shutters Monthly

If you live in a busy, high traffic area, then it is normal for your exterior shutters to become dirty. Be sure to clean this exterior once a month. Don’t forget to oil the hinges as they tend to become stiff with time. Application of a regular lubricant will take away their squeaking noise and will ensure your shutters swing seamlessly.

Refrain From Using Excessive Force

When you are cleaning, you don’t have to use so much force. Remember to be gentle because you don’t want to scrape or deform your shutters. Go for even gentle strokes to ascertain that there will be no damage. Using the proper tension will permit an easier cleaning job. Exercise restraint because dust and stains are easy to take off.

Final Word

Regular cleaning of your shutters means they will stay fabulous for a more extended period of time. Apart from looking fresh and fabulous, your shutters will work smoothly with regular care. Remember, if you become lazy, all the dirt and gunk will pile up. In the long run, this would create a bigger problem for you because it means your shutters will need a heavier deep clean, or worse, they can be destroyed due to your neglect.

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