Common car wrecking-related myths debunked!

Common car wrecking-related myths debunked

We all have heard several stories regarding what goes down in a wrecking yard- some true and some myths. If you are planning to sell your car to a wrecking service, then you can’t proceed further with doubts in your head.

Since you deserve a fair chance at cracking an incredible deal of your vehicle, here is a list of a few common wrecking yard myths which are nothing more than made up stories. Take a look!

1. Fixing the car is a better option

In some cases that can be true, but in a majority of cases, it’s not. When you compare the several trips to a mechanic’s workshop to the price and stress-free living that you get by selling it off, the latter will always be a preferred choice. By selling it to a wrecking yard, not only do you get a good amount and save yourself the hassle of the vehicle’s maintenance, but also make space for new wheels.

2. No one buys junk

Not entirely true. Your friend, neighbor or a dealership might not purchase your junk vehicle, but cash for cars service will welcome it with open arms. Wrecking services don’t look at old and useless cars as complete junk. They can help you make good pocket money even out of your old vehicle with some hidden profits of their own.

3. My old vehicle is worth nothing

Depending on the condition of your vehicle, you might not be able to make a fortune out of it, but you will get a reasonable price for your old vehicle. If some of the auto parts can be used for other cars, then you’ll get a better price for your car. However, if that’s not the case and your vehicle is entirely useless, then you might have to settle for less.

4. Keeping such a vehicle in the garage reduces pollution

Well, it does to some extent. Since an old vehicle won’t be running on the road, there will be one less pollution-causing machine out in the open. But what about the fluids and oils in the car that will eventually leak out due to minimal maintenance and cause health hazards?

5. Wrecking services buy only well-renowned brands

MYTH BUSTED! Cash for cars services surely buy popular brands since selling their second-hand auto parts are easier, thus helping them make good profits. However, this doesn’t mean that your old model car, whether vintage or not, will not be purchased by wrecking experts. A wrecking yard is the only place where you can ensure safe disposal of your old car, so don’t worry and contact a professional service today.

Didn’t you resonate with at least one of these myths and thought to yourself, “Oh yeah! I heard that.”? Myths always surround us. However, trusting them can deprive you of a great deal right in your reach. Be smart, and share this post with your mates too!

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