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One dream that don’t let men sleep of all ages is to protect their erection and keep it long lasting. A dream of all but a very few men know how to make it come true with simple techniques and adopting proven strategies. If you are one the other side of the list, read these following steps carefully and implement them in your life to stay healthy and cool.

1. Keep a close eye on testosterone levels.

According to a research, in healthy men above the age of 40, testosterone levels fall down up to 1.3 %. When a man is above 50 years old, these levels drop disrespect of healthy or ill. You need to keep a close eye on symptoms of this health condition. You may observe a low sex drive, moodiness, confusion to make decisions, erection problem and lack of stamina. Your doctor can advise you on that to maintain a good level.

2. BMI is important.

Body mass index is a set of figures that enlightens your health situation. If your weight is not according to your height, you may be a victim of several diseases. Erectile Dysfunction is very common is men facing problems with heavy weight. There are very useful techniques and medicine that are proven to be best in modern days for ED. If you are facing this problem, get recommendations from your doctor and he will prescribe you best online medicine in the market. Follow his advice and guidance and be on track again. Never compromise on your BMI because your sexual health is directly related to it. Human chemistry revolves around BMI and it’s very important to maintain it.

3. Healthy Diet a way forward to happy life.

Everything you eat is important for men of all ages but specially for those who are facing ED. you need to follow healthy diet planes and very strict menus

If you want to maintain a good body shape. There are diet planes like keito genic diets that allow you enjoy good food with healthy outcome. This also facilitates you overcome your erection issues. BMI with a healthy diet plan is a key to success for your health. Stay away from cholesterol and diet that can be a reason for blockage in arteries. Cardiac health has a lot to do with sexual health. Patients with cardiac problems often face sexual problems also. Diet that has a lot of processed food and low quantity of veggies and fruits creates blockage to blood flow towards penis. A good blood flow is important for erection and diet that allows good blood flow can be a game changer.

4. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

If you are a chain smoker or you drink a lot of alcohol, just stop. Nicotine in tobacco can contract blood vessels that affect the blood flow into your sex organs. This can not only damage your lungs but also create infection into your throat and mouth. If not cure properly, this can result in cancer. Drinking a lot of alcohol is very harmful for lever and damage your nerves. Male sex hormones are disturbed by excessive intake of liquor that eventually results in ED.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol to enjoy safe erection.

5. Regular Exercise is a pivotal point.

Regular work outs and keeping a good routine of exercise can be a pivoting point in your life. Men who exercise and those who don’t can’t be equal in terms of happy married life. If you are to name three things in life to stay cool that could be healthy food, exercise, mental satisfaction. What could be possible exercise? Should we depend on Kegels?

Well, most of the expert’s advice to stay away from Kegels. It is an exercise which you need to continuously contract and relax the pelvis muscle. Riding a bike occasionally can be helpful, but regular rides can play a negative role. Mild running, brisk walks and even yoga can help. Remember one rule that whatever you do, first consult doctor than do it regularly.

6. Stay Away from Stress and anxiety.

A healthy body can only be found if your mind is healthy. Stress and anxiety are one big source of destruction of your mind health. Men who are living a satisfactory sexual life often have a relaxing mental approach. Hypertension and blood pressure both are very dangerous for your health. Not only they damage physically, they also hurt you internally. Regular checkups with your psychiatrist are a must because he can guide you about different ways to tackle this problem.

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