Reasons Why you May Choose Remote DBA Services for WordPress Websites

Remote DBA Services

If you needsupport with your WordPress website database management, remote administration services are a reliable and feasible solution nowadays. Many businesses worldwide use WordPress as their business website building platform to power their blogsand e-commerce stores. WordPress is the No.1 content management system, which comes packed with many amazing features and addons. It offers an SEO friendly URL structure and endless themes and plug-ins to choose from. WordPress is also considered to be the best friend of digital marketers and webmasters. To leverage these countless benefits offered by WordPress, it is also important to hire a remote DBA specialist to manage the backend database which powers your WordPress site.

How is a database used for WordPress?

WordPress primarily uses PHP to store and retrieve information from the databases. This information may be anything like details of users, blog posts, tags, comments, page content, etc. All this information can be retrieved easily whenever the users or admins need it. WordPress utilizes MySQL as the database management system and PHP as the scripting language.

When you install WordPress initially, it will request creating a database by providing a name, host, username, and a password to access. This information may be used to create the database tables and store the default installation of data inside the tables. After this, once the installation is completed, the system will run the queries to the database. The objective of this process is to generate HTML pages for the WordPress website you build. There is no need to create a new HTML file for WordPress website pages for the developers as everything can be automatically built. Next, let us explore a few benefits of choosing remote database administration for WordPress.

Boosting the database performance

Having a skilled remote database administration service to manage your DB, you can enjoy your WordPress website’s better overall performance. It will also keep the users and database managers happy with a better anytime service. Remote database administration will help in improving the speed and consistency of your database management process. You will get the assistance of DBA professionals to re-configure settings, rebuild indices, and update the statistics to boost the overall performance of your DB. These professionals will also help in the planned maintenance works to ensure that your database is always available and smoothly.

Ensuring peace of mind

Outsourcing WordPress DB management to expert providers will let you focus more on the core business functions rather than worry about DB management activities. When you choose remote database administration services, you can enjoy full peace of mind as you know that you have expert professionals on your behalf of you to handle the process. So, you will be more confident of confronting any issues to handle it on a timely basis by these experts. The rates offered by many outsourcing companies are reasonable compared to what you will pay to someone you hire. So it can turn out to be a money saving initiative for your company while giving you good results.

With services offered by reliable providers like, your enterprise database management will be shifted to experts contracted to work for your database administration. Remote DBA agencies you hire will also ensure that your DBMS services are handled on time according to the agreed contract terms. You do not have to worry about your employees’ expertise or having them off work by being sick or leaves. You need not worry about the technology changes, too, as the remote providers will always be updated and available.

Following database management best practices

Another major advantage of hiring professional remote database administration services is that these providers will always ensure your business’s best practices.Experienced remote DBA specialists will be aware of the right settings and configuration for the WordPress database from time to time. This will ensure higher performance and better availability than what you get from the default settings, which you may otherwise install and forget. Remote DBA specialist also understandswhy following the best practices are important, and they can work actively to ensure that the database adheres to the same.

Big savings on DBA

Outsourcing WordPress database administration will also help you save a lot of money as it helps eliminate the need to payin-house specialists. As you need to pay only the contract pay to 24×7, end-to-end DBA services, you are fully relieved from any overheads related to database administration. You may have to pay the in-house employees even for the months where not many database administration tasksare there. However, the external providers will be offering database management services on a pay-as-you-go basis, which can offer you huge savings. It is also a good idea to outsource your WordPress DBA to manage your cost if your business has a steady database. With remote DBA, you can also negotiate the contract pay for only the bare minimum services needed. Remote DBA will also help your business save office space, infrastructure, equipment, hardware, logistics, etc.

Data recovery and disaster prevention

Remote DBA services will also offer you hire necessary services to prevent any system failures and be available to resolve any disaster situation.This may otherwise require hiring extra staff, whereas remote DBA services ensure that your database systems are always up and running. In the event of any disaster, the remote providers will perform the right fixes promptly and seamlessly. You will rest assured in terms of disaster prevention and data recovery of your WordPress database.

As your business is expected to grow and expand continuously, your business data’s growing quantity also may require better management. The considerable increase in the business data may further expose your WordPress websitesto malfunction technically if not upgraded on time. You must hire the right kind of remote database service experts to defend against any technical malfunction and avoid losing your valuable business. For this, you should also take time to evaluate and hire only highly qualified and reliable database administration professionals to manage your WordPress databases remotely.

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