Reasons to Use Rubber Extrusion

Rubber Extrusion

In the metal industry, extrusion has been an integral part of the metal forming process; this process involves forcing a metal or a workpiece through a die to come up with the desired shape. This process is usually used in the making of pipes and steel rods. To get the best out of the process, you need to use the right extrusion material. There are different types of extrusions which include hot extrusion, cold extrusion, friction extrusion, and micro extrusion. These extrusions can be used to remodel different types of material, such as rubber, aluminum, steel, and even plastic.

This article is focused on rubber extrusion, which is the process of converting rubber into shapes and sizes with different applications. For this process, most manufacturers use un-vulcanized rubber compounds to come up with specific designs and models. This process is one of the most economical extrusion processes that ensure minimal waste of raw materials with reducing d production costs. This process is also highly preferred due to its ability to mass-produce rubber material continuously in different lengths, shapes, and sizes.

These are some of the reasons why as a potential investor in rubber materials, it is advisable to use rubber extrusion in your production.

Rubber profiles

The term profile is used in the extrusion process to refer to the cross-section of the die used during the extrusion process. These profiles vary in complexity, with some of the simplest shape U while others having multifaceted shapes with unique details. These profiles include D-, e-, J-, P- and T-. Others may include Round cords, squares, and rectangles. For you to get the best results when designing these shapes, either simple or complex, the extrusion process is your best option.

Rubber seals

Extruded rubber seals have multiple applications in industries, noise cancellation, and protection from extreme weather, among many others. For you to come up with specific designs that are required by your client, then extrusion is the best approach. With its ability to produce rubber materials in different the best quality, then with the right rubber compound, you can have the best rubber seals for your market.

Materials used

With extrusion, you are able to use different types of rubber compounds to come up with the best product. This process also allows you to both synthetic and natural rubber compounds to give your clients the specific product they need. Some of the commonly used rubber compounds include EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile SBR, Sponge EPDM, silicone. Using the extrusion process helps to minimize any waste of your rubber compounds.

Custom Rubber Specifications

With rubber extrusion, you are able to work closely with your clients to design and produce a product that best fits their needs. Through the process, you are able to incorporate features into the rubber product to allow it to withstand the specific environment as well as the strain of its applications.

Using the right procedure, the process also allows you to alter pressure at different parts of the rubber material. This way, you can effectively design a product that can resist abrasion, tears, and cuts over a long period.

Customer rubber application

As previously discussed, this process enables you to produce rubber products in different shapes, lengths, and sizes. Due to the different applications of rubber, you cannot produce large amounts of plain rubber. With extrusion, you can produce rubber products that coincide with the specific designs of the client. Rubber extrusion allows you to produce products that can be used to seal fluids, absorb energy, tubing, gaskets, window sealing for mass transit, mandrel formed hoses, connectors, doors, cabinets, and window sealing.

The extrusion process has numerous benefits but what stands out is its ability to economize while producing quality and quantity. This is definitely a perfect fit for any business looking to maximize its production.

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