Prom Worries: Here’s What Every Guy Must Do to Make the Prom Night Memorable

Prom Worries

For high school students, prom night is a rite of passage and not just another dance night. It marks the culmination of four years of friendship and school life. The night also marks the end of high school and the beginning of adulthood for students.

According to an old survey, 97 percent of British adults married to their first love believe they will be with their partner until their death. For most high school sweethearts, prom night marks the evolution of their relationship since it’s the first official date they get to go on.

The very fact that prom night is the first official date for many couples puts extra pressure on young men to make the night memorable for their lady love. Here’s all you need to do.

Go Big With The Promposal

Most schools in the UK have no formal compulsion to bring a date along. But if you’re dating someone or want to ask someone out, asking them to be your prom date should be on the agenda.

While the promposal is not precisely a proposal, a well-executed and creative plan would make your date feel special and increase the chances of her saying yes. Try and involve food, balloons, sticky notes, and other props in your promposal.

If you’re extra, don’t be afraid of going grand. Asking for a prom night date with a flash mob, a carefully planned sketch, or other such elaborate gestures will get you a yes.

Get Your Tickets Ahead of Everyone Else

Once she says yes to you, it’s obvious you need to purchase your prom tickets. While woke, modern girls would want to share the cost; it’s a gentlemanly thing to pay for prom tickets for you and your date both.

Make sure you’re on top of this and buy those tickets before they run out or the last date to register passes you buy. We need not tell you, no tickets or registration mean no date, and all that promposal efforts will be moot.

Book a Memorable Ride

Every Cinderella deserves a pretty dress, her prince, and a chariot. While the first one she will manage on her own, the prince —that means you— have to arrange for the chariot. Renting a limo has long been a tried and tested way to make the prom night memorable for the date.

Since prom night is a once-in-a-lifetime event, go the extra mile and book a luxury car from a private hire chauffeur service like Elect Chauffeurs. The courteous chauffeur and a stylish luxury car ferrying you to and from the venue will not only make your date feel special but also make a statement.

Make Arrangements to Look Sharp

Be rest assured, your prom date is leaving no stone unturned to look her best on the prom night. Surely, you wouldn’t want to dull her shine and make her look bad. The traditional prom look is a black or white tuxedo with a matching shirt and bowtie.

There are many local formalwear shops, which rent out trendy prom tuxedos designed especially for this night. Head to a reputed shop and pick a suit that fits well and is of good quality. Find out your date’s dress color and pattern and choose a bow tie that matches her dress. This small but thoughtful step will show her that you care.

Pick a Matching Corsage

Buying a corsage for your prom date is a time-honored tradition that everyone should respect. You already know what color dress your date will be rocking; it shouldn’t be hard to get a matching corsage. Pro tip here, don’t skimp on the corsage. Pick the best one that would go with her dress well and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Good corsages are priced between £20 to £25 and can be purchased from local florists. In case that’s not within your budget, there are grocery florists who make pretty corsages and are comparatively cheaper.

Reserve a Table for Two

While most prom dates will have some sort of arrangement for food, the mass catering food doesn’t cut it. You’ve already gone to the extraordinary length from promposal and booking a chauffeur-driven car to coordinating the outfit. Why not end the night on a great note.

Make a dinner reservation in a friendly, sit-down restaurant close to the prom venue. Avoid diners and fast food places and pick a place that your date will enjoy. You must make the booking as soon as possible —preferably along with the prom tickets— to get the best spots in town with the best table.

Have a Blast

With all these sorted, all that’s left to do is head to the prom and have a blast. Be rest assured, you and your date are likely to be the life of the party and have a prom worth telling stories about.

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