Moving from Auckland to Australia? 8 Reasons why you Should opt for Brisbane

opt for Brisbane

When you intend to move to a new country, the choice of where to live is a big decision that requires a careful weighing up of options. Your comfort in the new location and environment depends solely on this decision. Australia has experienced an influx of visitors in recent years, with Kiwis making up about four percent of the migrants’ group. With over a hundred beautiful cities, beaches and cool weather, choosing which city to live in in Australia can be a hard nut to crack.

Brisbane in Queensland is one of the capital cities of Australia. Ranked the third in Australia based on population, and the eighth-most beautiful city in the world; Brisbane is a city of friendly people, beautiful parks, awesome weather conditions and amazing mountains. If you have lived in New Zealand all your life, you will find it easy to adapt to living in Brisbane. Here are the major reasons why you should choose Brisbane over other Australian cities.


This is about the most major factor that attracts people to Brisbane. The city has more sunny days than any other Australian city. This is because the city is situated in the subtropical regions of Australia and enjoys 283 days of sunshine. The beaches in Brisbane are breathtaking; from Byron Bay to the South, Mooloolaba on the North, Kings Beach at the Sunshine Coast, to Coolangatta on the Gold coast. There is also the Street Beach, a man-made beach at South Bank for children and adults. Once you settle in Brisbane, you will find absolutely no need to leave the city if you don’t want to. If you get tired of the beaches, you can always take a trip to the largest tract of subtropical rainforest one hour away from Brisbane. There you can enjoy the awesome weather, relax and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Culture and Art

Brisbane houses the Queensland cultural centre on the South Bank which offers all sorts of cultural and artistic pleasures. Being home to the Queensland Museum and Australia’s largest Gallery of Arts, The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane could pass for an international art hub. Shows, musical events and live entertainments are also held at Queensland Performing Art Center. Arts, comedy, restaurants, and so on are held in the industrial space of the former Brisbane Powerhouse. Just like Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane has its own fair share of creative cultural and art festivals giving individuals the opportunity to meet, interact and have fun with their neighbours.


A quality educational system is one of the major factors that make Brisbane stand out among other Australian cities. Students stand the chance of getting better educational opportunities as some of Australia’s best universities are situated in Brisbane. The University of Queensland (UQ) ranked the third in Australia and fifty-first in the international community; University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Griffith University, and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are all renowned institutions located in the country. There are chances for international students to secure scholarships, internships and employment opportunities within the city. These and a lot more, make Brisbane student-friendly.


Brisbane, unlike Sydney, is not so congested. Though one can find navigation quite difficult on some streets, there is the available and functional public transport for your use (ferry, bus or train) to all major parts of the city. With the introduction of the Translink Ticketing system, catching buses, trains and ferries are now quite easy. There are also specially allocated busways (Northern busway and South East busway) committed to bus traffic only. This ensures easy navigation around the city.

Cost of living

The cost of living here is considerably lower when compared to other major Australian cities. Following Hobart and Adelaide, Brisbane is the most affordable major city to move to. The average price for the acquisition of property (for both investors and buyers) is affordable. It is because of this affordable quality of life that most individuals make the big move to the ‘Sunshine State’. The movement of people into the city has also boosted Brisbane’s dining scenes and food offerings. There are various eating places (big and small) that provide varieties of both local and foreign delicacies for any hungry stomach.


Brisbane, being one of Australia’s big business hubs, holds a lot of employment opportunities. Local companies like Sunsuper and Suncorp-Metway Ltd, amongst others, as well as international companies, have their contact offices situated in Brisbane. Tourism, hospitality, Commercial Business, and health are the major areas focused on by most industries in Brisbane. With so many ongoing projects and infrastructural development including the Brisbane Entertainment Live Arena, Brisbane Airport Redevelopment, Queen’s Wharf Precinct and Northshore Hamilton, better employment opportunities abound in the city.


Some of the best beaches in Australia are located in Brisbane. The city is perfectly situated between Gold coast and Sunshine Coast. Gold coast, which is an hour drive from Brisbane, has many theme parks like Dream World, Sea World, Wet and Wild, and Movie World perfect for children to have a fun-filled day. There are also many tidy parks and playgrounds with necessary facilities for family picnics or hangouts. Children interested in sports can enrol for classes as there are many sports groups around. There are very few cities in the state and country that can offer better.


Brisbane has adequate health facilities for both children and adults. In all, there are at least twelve major hospitals, as well as other public and private health facilities, located in the city. Mater Hospital Brisbane in Woolloongabba, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Women’s Hospital in Herston, and Royal Brisbane are some of the major hospitals in the Sunshine State.

Brisbane is one of the best cities to live in in Australia. You get a chance to witness first-hand the Ekka – Brisbane’s biggest event which draws about 400,000 visitors yearly, visit the world’s first Koala sanctuary and pet free-roaming kangaroos, and experience the beauty of the largest city hall in Australia as many times as you may want to.

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