Moving Day Tips: How to Ease the Stress and Enjoy the Experience

moving day

Moving is one of the least-liked chores in people’s lives, but it’s something you just have to do. No matter if you’re ready for a change of scenery, need a bigger home for your growing family or you just got transferred to a new job, moving is a more-or-less an integral part of the life of every adult. But, even if it can’t be avoided, relocating doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some useful moving tips that will make this chore a pleasant experience.

Make a good packing list

Since it’s safe to assume that you have to continue with your life while organizing your relocation at the same, it’s very important to create a good packing list and packing plan. In order to avoid last-minute stress, a list of all the important things you need to do and pack will come in handy. It doesn’t matter that you’re still months away from your moving day—getting started about 60 days before the major event is the optimal time. This will leave you enough time to pack everything and clean the house without stressing out about your deadline.

Clear clutter

Before you start putting things in boxes, make sure to take every item and think whether you want it at your new location. Everything that doesn’t have a place in your new home is better left behind. It will not only save you precious packing time and money but also reduce clutter once you arrive. Once you make your decision on things you don’t want, organize a yard sale, donate or recycle your items. The fewer items you have to pack, the quicker and smoother your move will be. Don’t pay for transportation of things you’ll just throw away when you start unpacking in your new home!

Get a reliable removalist early

If you live in a high-demand city like New York or Sydney, you can see that it’s hard to find an available removalist with good reviews. After all, many people are moving across those cities and into them from smaller towns and suburbs every day. So, don’t get caught without a removalist to help you with your move but book them in advance. You might think picking a moving agency is easy, but you want to book someone with experience. If you hire the best removalists in Sydney, you can expect safe transfer and ultimate care for your items. Plus, pros know how valuable your time is, so it will always be respected to the T. Your experienced removalists will be integral in your battle with stress, so don’t hesitate to do research and only book the best people.

best removalists in Sydney

Protect important documents

All important documents like house deeds, wills, insurance papers and passports need to go in one box or thick file that will ensure easy access and transportation. Place it somewhere safe or take it with you in the car while moving. If you lose these documents, it will cost you a lot of time and money to replace them. Another smart idea is to make electronic copies of your important documents and keep them on your computer or a USB stick for easy access.

Keep fragile things together

Many people think that it’s smart to pack fragile things with blankets, towels and pillows, but that’s a common moving mistake. Instead, get specialized boxes with partitions and mark the box ‘fragile’. This will attract more attention and ensure these boxes are handled with care.

Label well

While you’re packing, put a number on each box and write down a brief content of the box. You don’t need to go to tiny details, but general categories like “bedding” or “kitchenware” will greatly help once you need to unpack. It will save you hours on rummaging through boxes.

Avoid packing mistakes

No matter if you’re moving alone or if you hire professional removalists, make sure to avoid the following packing mistakes. Put all heavy items in specialized book boxes or plastic containers which are so much stronger than regular boxes. Place all your soft goods and bedding in plastic bags to protect them from any spills and dirt. Moving clothes is super easy when you invest in wardrobe boxes with hanging bars. This will allow easy packing and wrinkle-free unpacking. Make sure you tape your boxes well: go over the center seam twice and secure the bottom edges where the box folds.

If you start early, pack like a pro and avoid some dummy mistakes, your move will be smooth and stress-free. You will be able to have a seamless relocation with minimal disturbance to your life, so keep these tips close to you when you need to move next time.

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