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The use of gemstones in healing has been there for ages now. There have been a lot of studies over the centuries. Studies on how these stones work to improve the health of their wearers. That has made gem therapy a common practice for several years now.

However, there are different kinds of stones and crystals that one can use in making jewelry. Selecting stones depends on how you want it to look on your body and the color that you enjoy wearing most.

Here are some of the best 2020 fashion trends of Nialaya Men’s bracelets made from spiritual and healing beads.

Men’s bracelet made from Onyx

It is one of the best wristbands you will find in the market. What is more, is the stone manufacturers use in making this type of wristband has a spiritual and healing power that can change bad habits in people wearing it.

Onyx has also been tested and proven to be an excellent stone for meditation. It does eliminate stress help people to be in control of their emotions and encourage spiritual growth.

Tiger Eye, Indian Silver, and Bali Turquoise made bracelets.

If you need variety in one bracelet, then this may be your favorite pick. It comes with different healing powers because of the three stones that combine to make it. That means more healing and spiritual power than the first wristband on our list.

It has silver, which, as you know, symbolizes wealth. Also, silver has been a sign of prosperity for centuries, and wearing it on a bracelet is incredible. The brown tiger eye boosts self-confidence and strength. Also, you get protection from evil eyes and the connection of spirits by wearing Bali.

Lava Stone, Hematite and Agate bracelet

This wrap-around men’s bracelet comes with five different types of stones. Each has special spiritual and healing powers that serve a specific purpose. Hematite, the first stone, can help induce sleep, dissolve negativity and encourage stability and positive energy.

Also, it comes with Agate, which is one of the most powerful healing stones that boosts confidence and wisdom. The lave stone encourages both physical and mental well-being while reminding the wearer of his or her inner passion.

Silver is also part of this bracelet, and it shows prosperity and wealth. Onyx is commonly a grounding stone that can change bad habits.

Men’s Wristband with Blue Lapis and Gold Skull

It is one of the best latest trends of bracelets made with spiritual and healing beads. It comes with blue lapis, which can boost someone’s inner power and confidence. Also, it brings about mental clarity while encouraging self-perfection.

Gold has so many purposes, and luckily, it is part of this bracelet. It is a confidence booster and speaks of abundance and well-being. Also, it has proven to help in overcoming depression and paralysis.


Nialaya precious and semiprecious stones are highly spiritual, sacred, and powerful. They have different healing powers, both spiritually and emotionally. Our list has the best latest trends of bracelets made by this healing beads.

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